5 Best places For Nikkah Ceremony in Lahore

5 Best places For Nikkah Ceremony in Lahore

Nikkah is the most prestigious and most crucial element of Muslim wedding. It is the only thing required to declare a couple husband and wife. Nikkah has the highest honour in a wedding and to give its complete integrity it usually happens at the mosque or other prestigious places.

The couple usually plans honeymoon and destination wedding to make the occasion memorable but the thing that has the highest significance in a wedding usually gets the least attention. To make your most crucial event of most memorable then it should be performed in the most memorable place. Check out the best destination for Nikkah ceremony;

Baadshahi Mosque

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Tie your knot with your loved one within in the historic architecture of Mughals. Nothing can get better to get your soul mate in the most prestigious place and the trademark of Lahore.

Grand Jamia Mosque

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This mosque in Bahria Town Lahore is the epitome of exquisiteness, making your loved one forever yours at the most mesmerizing mosque in Pakistan is one of its kind experience which every couple should aim for.

Wazir Khan Mosque

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Another renowned mosque in Lahore, the Wazir Khan Mosque is known for its extensive tile work and consider as one the best works are done in Mughal time. Built over the course of seven years, getting yourself into wedlock inside a quintessential architecture is a big ‘Yes’.

Sheesh Mehal (Lahore Fort)


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Within the Shah Burj block in the northern-western corner of Lahore Fort. This mesmerizing piece of architecture made under the regime of Shah Jahan is worth a visit. This might seems to be distinctive thought to perform Nikkah here but definitely not regrettable.

Moti Mahal (Lahore Fort)

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Another beauty of Shahi Qila, this 17th-century white marble architecture is one of the major tourist attraction of Lahore. Your Nikkah will also become gemstone within this architecture of precious stones.

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