5 Ramzan Dieting Tips For Bride-To-Be

5 Ramzan Dieting Tips For Bride-To-Be

Ramzan has arrived to shower its blessing upon all mankind but along with the blessing it also carries the blessing of scrumptious yet heavy and oily food which is merely impossible to get rid of. However, the food in Ramzan is the one thing that keeps most of us motivated to fast that also becomes the reason of gaining immense weight and health hazard.

But what if I told you that these are the best days especially for the bride-to-be to reduce excessive weight by following some simple tips in the holy month.

For all the brides out there all set to tie the knot just after the month of Ramzan are required to follow these simple 5 steps to shed some pounds in order to look as fit as fiddle on your wedding day.

Make Sure To Hydrate Yourself


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Keep yourself hydrated is the most crucial aspect that most of us ignore, dehydration cause to increase the sugar craving that forces to increase your intake.

But the major question arises here is how to keep oneself hydrated for 24 hours in 15 hours of fasting. A human body needs 2 liters of water on an average for a day, which can be cut down into 8 glass of water. Here is a water intake plan you can follow;

2 glasses of water at the time of Sehri.

2 glasses of water at the time of Iftar

Remaining four glasses are best to take between the hours of Iftar and Sehri, at the rate of one glass per hour.

Don’t consume caffeine, avoid coffee and black tea with herbal and green tea.

Do Eat Sehri

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Skipping sehri results in overeating, don’t skip it at any cost. Make sure to make the sehri less on salt, to avoid thirst the whole day.

It should be composed of carbs, exchange your white refined bread with whole grain bread. Also, consume a good source of protein in Sehri for that eggs and cheese are perfect.

This combination will ensure you have a stable level of glucose in your blood so you don’t get hungry the next day and will help to consume in control on iftar time.

Say No To Sugar

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One of the major cause of gaining fat in Ramzan that ranked even higher on oily Samosa and Pakoras. Maximum numbers of beverages are consumed in Ramzan.

It is not the most difficult to avoid but it is the most effective to spend healthy Ramzan. Try to avoid processed white sugar with natural sweets such as fruits, dry fruits, and honey.

Stay Active And Agile

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The biggest mistake done in Ramzan is to think of Ramzan as the excuse of sleeping all day. You better continue your daily activities, but make sure to avoid heat and sun.

Best time to burn fat is on the empty stomach if you work out hit the gym an hour prior to Iftar. Those who cannot exercise before iftar, aim for 30 min of vigorous exercise after iftar, which you can do from homes such as burpees, lunges, sit-ups, and squats.

Have Some Break While Breaking Fast

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Remember fasting cause your metabolism to slow down, break your fast with dates as they are a quick source of the sugar your body needs after a fast.

You don’t need to have more than one date as dates are quite high in sugar. Then, go for a small portion of soup, such as a vegetable or lentil soup, and avoid cream based soups. Follow it with a mixed vegetable salad and limit the amount of olive oil in the dressing to 1-2 teaspoons. Skip all other appetizers including the carbohydrate-rich ones.

It is important to take a break. You don’t want to overwhelm your digestive system. Complete your prayers, take a five-minute walk or hold a conversation. When you’re ready to resume your meal, choose only one main dish, choose wisely and avoid fried dishes, make sure it is balanced in carbs and protein, and most importantly control your portions.


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