Marriage is a magical bond of love, care, and trust. It is the fulcrum of happiness for many people since everyone needs a partner with whom he or she shares his/her problems. However, marriage has several ups and downs. It brings many changes and challenges in the couples’ life but specifically in a woman’s life. And being a young woman, you may fear the negative outcomes of marriage and have some major concerns regarding it.

Here is how you can deal with your ‘shadi phobia’.

The big change

Many of you fear that the changing of homes (sometimes city or country), family and entire lifestyle is going to take you out of your comfort zone. But, change is for good, isn’t?  It can vitalise your energy and make you strong enough to accept challenges and new aspects of life. It can enhance your experiences and help you learn to be flexible in any situation.

Commitment phobia

You may have a flood of questions and ‘what ifs’ in your mind, fearing what if the relationship doesn’t work out, but the truth is, these are only your fears, face them. Many successful marriages prove that committing to live a life with someone is a good idea rather than a bad one. Marriage is about commitment, it is a foundation of trust, and it gets very easy when a man and woman love one another and give each other some space so that your partner doesn’t feel that he has lost all his freedom.

Settling with the in-laws

Marriage is certainly not only about the couple, but it unites two families together. Living and adjusting in a new environment may be your concern but over-thinking will scare you. It compels you to be more negative about your in-laws. Think and talk positively to have a good opinion about your in-laws and it will help you get along with them easily.

Career dilemma

You may fear that getting married means an end to your ambition and career plans. Your apprehensions may involve being just a typical housewife after so many years of struggle. But, that’s not always the case. Many women have set an example of working and achieving success after marriage. You can share your anxiety with your partner and let him know the importance of your career. There is a possibility that he is willing to support and motivate you in reaching your goals.


No more pampering

You may dread losing mama’s love and care. However, marrying the right person can help you to shut this thought. He can pamper and spoil you with love and care more than your parents would do. Moreover, marrying will not emotionally and spiritually separate you from your parents. It will only increase the number of people spoiling you with love. Ultimately, you will have another person handling your mood swings and tantrums.




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