For a new bride, it’s quite awkward to get familiarize with the choices and opinion of the in-laws. She definitely needs her time to get herself loosen up a bit. As a part of the tradition, a bride-to-be asked by the mother-in-law to get hook up for “shadi ki shopping”.

It’s a high alert time! The bride-to-be is always judged by the opinion she makes in the shopping session. The shopping session can be quite awkward with the in-laws and bride has to be careful about picking the stuff or raising her opinions. Remember- You are going to be judged on each step of shopping and decision you are making.

So, have a look at the ways to make the overall experience with in-laws a pleasant one.

Keep your heart open in accepting your in-law’s decision-  

No matter how cool you are shopping with in-laws can be quite tricky. You might have your own plans for your wedding dresses, shoes and jewelry. But you never know your future-in-laws might have something cooler and surprising ideas for you.

Don’t be a fashion freak-

Don’t ever consider yourself to be a fashion diva! Who knows that your in-laws are much into high-fashion than you. Always remember, go with the flow, that’s the only key to survive with in-laws!

Keep your shopping advice to yourself-

Shopping with in-laws can be quite a task! Sure you may be the fashion icon in your girl squad, but here you are with your in-laws! You need clear out thoughts while buying something, everyone has their own choice, budget, and preferences. Do not ever poke nose when in-laws buy something for you. Keep your opinions in your bag for a moment!

Eventually, money is important-

Do not ever pretend a person who spends money like water. Keep your choices on a moderate level. Also, do not tight on a budget either. You will be analyzed on how you spend money and in which manner. Eventually, their son have to bear the expenses in future!

Do not over impose your choices-

If your mother-in-law is forcing you to buy “farshi gharara” and you have planned something else for the wedding day. Just politely deal with the situation, you can say like you have planned something else and they can either gift “farshi gharar” in “barri”. Show her the picture that you have decided to wear and deal with the situation smoothly!

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