10 Things Brides Should Never Leave for the Last Moment

10 Things Brides Should Never Leave for the Last Moment

Getting married is a scared experience within itself. It’s a transition from being an independent carefree individual to a loving and faithful partner. However, bringing about this moment is not as simple as talking about it. There are several factors associated with organising a successful wedding. From catering to dress and guests list to décor, everything needs attention, time, and resources.

In order to keep the whole wedding plan fully organised, it is essential to keep a prompt track of time. For every particular task, you must decide a specific time, and should not leave everything undone till the last moment. Especially the list that we have mentioned below, you should get done with it as soon as possible. Leaving these tasks for the last moment can cause you serious trouble.

1. Bridal Dress Fitting

Brides never leave their wedding dress for the last moment, which is a good thing. However, some of them do delay its fitting. In order to get the perfect bridal dress fitting, you might have to visit the designer more than once. Therefore, never leave it for the last day. Designers need their time to alter a delicate wedding dressing. Immediate alterations can damage its design.

2. Venue Payment and Confirmation

Finding the desired venue, especially during the wedding season is no less than an accomplishment. But many people forget to confirm the venue and make advance payment, due to which the owner of the banquet or hall often allocates it to someone else. Losing your venue to a few days before the wedding can be a serious issue, so don’t take this matter lightly.

3. Finalising the Wedding Menu

The importance of good food can never be overlooked in a wedding. Therefore, it is always recommended to finalise the menu for the wedding vents a few days before the last week. If possible, you should also ask for a taste trial to ensure best quality and taste.

4. Mehndi Dance

Mehendi is the most happening event of a Pakistani wedding. The competition between dulhan and dulha’s family is real fun to watch. In order to make the event entertaining and full of life, you should plan a proper mehendi dance a few months before the final day. Gather as many people as you need, finalise songs and make a playlist, watch online videos and practise new dance steps, and pay special attention to formations and synchronization.

5. Skin Treatments

Who doesn’t want to have a gorgeous and soft skin on their wedding day? Skin treatments are a common way to attain such a flawless skin. However, at times these treatments do not suite specific skin types and cause unwanted reactions such as pimples, blemishes, scars, etc. Therefore, never try such unreliable creams or treatments on skin right before your wedding.

6. Hair Dyeing

Same as skin treatments, you should leave hair dyeing for the last days. There are possibilities that the colour might not compliment your skin tone and look quite off. Getting your hair dyed a few weeks prior to the wedding day gives you enough time to fix the colour.

7. The Paper Work

Wedding is not all about dresses, dancing, food, and expensive gifts. In order to make it official, you also need to complete all the essentials of it paper work. You also need a Maulvi sahab or priest to conduct the wedding ceremony. Since, most of them are already booked during the wedding season, it better to hire one as soon as you decide the wedding date.

8. Bride and Groom’s Car

Traveling is a crucial part of the wedding day. From parlour to the wedding venue and then to your groom’s place or the hotel, you have to travel a lot. In order to make your journey peaceful and stress-free, better hire a car or ask someone to become your wedding day driver.

9. Gifts for your Spouse

Don’t ever leave shopping for the last minute. There are so many things to be done on the wedding day that going for shopping can mess your plan completely. Decide and buy your spouse’s gift before the wedding week and keep it at a place you won’t forget.

10. Gift for your Spouse’s Relatives

Completing all the shopping for your spouse’s relatives should always be your priority. Last minute shopping usually results in overspending and mediocre stuff.

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