1. The Princess Matha Patti

Remember Jasmine from the adventure drama Hatim? This look gives off serious princess-y vibes. And aren’t you a princess too? A warrior princess of course, not a Disney-princess-in-distress.


2. The Hijabi Matha Patti

Awsome-ize your already awesome bridal hijab with adding on a matha patti.


3. The Adele Matha Patti

You remember Adele’s 2012 phase of beehive hair? Well, we all know we can rock that look pretty well in our desi weddings. Add a matha patti around the high bun, and let people know who the Queen Bee is 😉


4. The Koh-e-Noor Matha Patti

Get yourself a matha patti with a statement piece in between. Rock it like a Koh-e-Noor on your wedding day because you are the queen of that day. It works really well with hijabis because when your hair is pulled back, this brings attention to the middle of your forehead, forming an illusion of a perfectly symmetrical face.


5. The Let-Your-Hair-Flow Matha Patti

If you are wearing a statement matha patti, you should cut out all the elaborate updos, and let your head piece do the talking. This way you won’t look too gaudy, and the attention will remain where it should be. Your beautiful face 🙂


6. The Cheer Leader Matha Patti

Wear your hair in a high half-updo. This looks extremely chic. It speaks of a youthful look. Plus the high-half-tied hair makes your cheekbones more prominent, helping you to mimic the flawless Angelina Jolie face structure.


7. The Onesie Matha Patti

This look is very trendy at the moment. It is basically the ‘jhumar and teeka’ look – the matha patti edition. This way you can make intricate braids on the other side of the face and wear your hair like a crown.one-side-matha-patti-designs-12

8. The Crossover Matha Patti

If you are things about letting your bangs out for your shaadi, matha patti might be the perfect choice for you. In the image below, the gal is wearing her bangs and one-sided matha patti on the opposite sides. The teeka part of the headpiece is carefully set in the middle of the part, giving a neat and prim look to the whole hairstyle. This style will still be prominent once the dupatta is on.


9. The Choti Matha Patti

Matha Patti is the best way to glamourize the braids. Simple braids are good for summer weddings. But if you go not want to decorate them with beads and hair accessories, just get a matha patti. This can bridal-ize the whole look.


10. The Afghani Matha Patti

Popularised by our very own Gul Panra, if looks could kill, it would be this style. The tribal style matha patti is native to Pakistan and very popular around the world. The silver sterling matha patti enhances the eyes, and giving a brighter feel to the whole face.


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