The number of wedding traditions in Pakistan can be overwhelming and can make you feel suffocated sometimes. So many things are expected of you and most of the times you don’t want to do them at all. If you are one of the rebellious kind, here are some ways you can let the log know who is the boss.

1. Shaadi ho tou shaadi hall mei ho.

Susraal ka dar and log kya kaheinge has kept many wedding couples from realising their dream wedding. Whether it is a ceremony at samandar ke kinarey or pahar ki chooti pe, Pakistanis just won’t take a risk. Take a leap of faith, if your mother-in-law and family and friends truly love you, they will cross the oceans to celebrate your special day, hawksbay phir kya hai?


2. Shaadi mei sirf korma ya biryani.

Most of the people fear that if the food at their wedding isn’t the traditional Pakistani food, they will probably become the talk of the town. And not necessarily in the way you expect.

That unwanted guest from the mohallah: Bhae ye kya pizza shizza rakha huwa hai, ye bhi koi khana ha?

That other unwanted guest from khandaan: Meine tou Shabana ko bol dia, agar yehi karna tha tou batadeti khaana kha ke aati ghar se.

See, we get it. Our mehmaan deserve a lot of respect. But you don’t have to make your shaadi food into korma and karhai if you don’t want it to be that way. Go for lasagna or some hard-to-pronounce-masterchef-ish dish that you love, what do you know maybe they’ll love it like you do?


3. Your heels should be taller than Habib Bank Plaza.

Girl, ditch the high heels if you want to. Heck, ditch the shoe part altogether, it is all up to you. If you are the tomboy of your family, wear sneakers. If you are the nature loving gypsy of your family, walk barefoot. If you are the comfort loving desi girl, wear jutis. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take lots of pictures of it so that you can show the world your rebellious side and enjoy the drama as aunties ‘haw haye’ your choices.


4. Har dulhan ka ek hi jora. Laal jora! Laal jora!

Well to be honest, many brides are venturing into other colours but most don’t dare to go against the traditions. Maybe you are the kind of a girl who loves red, which is absolutely fine. But if you are the kind of a girl who loves black more than life itself and is scared to wear a black wedding dress because of the taboos, you need a wake-up call. Here is your wake up call. Just look at it, this is all the wedding inspiration you will need.


5. Maak-up tou purlar ka hi hona chahiye.

You are not required to wear makeup in your wedding no matter what anybody says. Maybe you are the kind of a girl who hates makeup and maybe you are the kind of a girl who has embraced her natural look; don’t let people tell you that you need to contour the hell out of your face to look thin. No, you don’t, because you are beautiful. And even if you want to, choose a light and natural look, you don’t have to go all out with the smokey eye and red lips.


6. Khaana kab khuley ga?

Are you a food junkie and love street food above all? Karachi’s food is just that good, we know. Ditch the traditional banquet and call in food trucks and food stalls to give a mela like look to your shaadi. So much fun!


7. Dulhaan ki sirf saheliyaan hi invited honi chahiye

Touba touba. You have friends from the other gender? You know some of the most amazing human beings who have helped you through thick-and-thin and are basically like your family, but they belong to the other gender? Astagfar bibi touba karein.

Larkey ne apni dosto ko bulaya hai? Zaroor is ki ex-garlfrands hongi. Aaj kal k bachey, sharam hi nai ha.

You can invite all the people who mean the world to you, no matter what gender they belong to. And if anybody gives you shit about it, uninvite them. You don’t need this sort of narrow-mindedness to ruin your day.


8.Chaklate cake ya vani-la cake.

We, Pakistanis, rarely venture into any other kinds of cakes except the typical chocolate cake or a vanilla cake when there is a whole world of heavenly tastes out there to explore. If you are a dessert lover then let us help you. Check out this article here if you dare to explore the other cake options than the traditional ones.


9. All that glitters is gold.

You do not have to be covered in gold jewellery to let people know about how much your parents love you. Minimal jewellery is chic and very trendy.


10. Gift laao bhaiyya!

If you are one of the people who loves to do any good for the world, your wedding day is your chance. Instead of asking for wedding gifts ask your guests to donate to a charity closest to your heart. Skip the whole wedding thing altogether, and donate the money you would have otherwise spent on the wedding. Don’t let ammi’s fear of log kya kaheinge stop you from doing the right thing.


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