12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist For Desi Weddings

12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist For Desi Weddings

If there is one thing we have learned from attending Pakistani weddings, it’s this- they take a lot of planning! Wedding season is coming! Everyone’s heard of the one and only, dreadful bridezilla – she’s the one wreaking catastrophe on everyone around her, and it’s all because she’s stressed out and filled with anxiety about her upcoming wedding. All that she needs is a bit of guidance to help her straighten her planning, so that everything falls into place. That’s where Shadi Tayari comes in for help. There are so many enjoyable and entertaining events that go along with a desi wedding, and sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of everything that needs to be planned. I am quite sure a lot of you pretty ladies out there, are planning your wedding too.

That being the case, our team at Shadi Tayari would like to share a Pakistani Wedding Checklist from which you can organize everything perfectly. This will help you make sure all those extra unique details don’t get left out and you stay on track!

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We Have a Whole Year

  • The first step to planning any wedding is to know exactly what kind of budget you are working with. This helps you in the long run as you decide how much to spend on your dresses, make up, venue – well pretty much everything
  • Decide on a time-frame that fits your desired date for your Pakistani wedding. Keep in mind that the weddings around public holidays tends to be costly. Consider the amount of guests who live abroad and what days may be easiest for them to have time off for the wedding events.
  • Notify your friends and family of your baat pakki or engagement.
  • Arrange a sit-down with your fiance, without the parents or any other individuals and decide what you want. Make sure to clarify who is paying for what and what traditions you plan to have at your event. Handle any details that you don’t want to be confused about later on.
  • Start searching wedding venues, wedding planners and possible wedding themes or styles. Visit some venues to start narrowing down your choices.
2 Months Down
  • Take some time to research possible vendors. Look for possible florists, event planners, DJs, caterers, bakers, designers, photographer etc.
  • Decide on a venue that suits your event the best. Best option nowadays, especially for event like mehndi and dholki, is the outdoor setup according to your needs and theme.
  • Start putting together a wedding guest list because it takes a lot of time. You cannot risk to forget anyone.
  • Start taste testing out different types of wedding cakes and food.

Only 6 Months Left

  • Start booking your wedding suppliers (Check out the website for all kind of wedding suppliers)
  • Speak with your selected Imam on whether or not he will be performing a speech.
  • Locate a Mehndi artist for your Mehndi event.
  • Start selecting which songs you would like to be played at your Pakistani wedding. Select songs for the bride’s arrival, the dance battle, the groom’s entrance, cutting the cake, rasams, rukhsati, etc.

90 Days To Go

  • Send out invitations gradually.
  • Hire dress designers for the Mehndi, Shaadi and Valima outfits.
  • Decide what equipment you will need to rent and start searching for them.
  • Book your florist, DJ, Mehndi artist, hair and makeup artist Imam and meet with your photographer to decide about photo shoot and videography.
  • Start planning your honeymoon and keep a check on tickets.
  • Start your dance practices. Every step needs to be on point.
  • Select the necessities for the Mehndi and Shaadi:
    • Motives/candles
    • Mehndi cones
    • Dhol and dhol wala
    • Doli or dupatta for enterance
    • Flowers to throw (with baskets if necessary)
    • Mithai for rasams

1 Month Remaining

  • Verify details with all vendors and send them the event schedule.
  • Attend a final outfit fitting.
  • Search for trending make up looks and salons.
  • Send playlist to DJ.
  • Get done with the medley.
  • Purchase accessories and contact jewelers.

A Week Before Wedding

  • Confirm any remaining details with vendors (cake selection, arrival times, etc.)
  • Get a manicure and pedicure before your henna is applied.
  • Double check that all guests.
  • Finalize everything for the dance performances.
  • Get the dresses, jewellery and other accessories.
  • Finalize event schedule, guest list and seating chart and send it to any necessary vendors.
  • Try on wedding and event outfits with accessories. (Break in your shoes!)
  • Book appointment for henna and makeup.
  • Spend some quality time with family and friends as much as you can!

Tomorrow is the Big Day

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Make a list of all necessary makeup or accessories and check it off as you pack!
  • Select an individual to make final payments to vendors. Put the money in envelopes and label them.
  • Organize anything that you may need or will be taking with you.
  • Finalize and double check your honeymoon preparations.

Celebration Time!

  • Leave for the salon.
  • Get ready and be a bride. (Make your dream come true)
  • Smile and enjoy the rest of your life with your soul mate.

These were just some of the most essential checklist. Above all, remember to relax and stay as calm and organized as possible when planning your wedding. Desi weddings are really difficult to manage but at the end you would be enjoying all the little detailing. These will be some of the most memorable days of your life! It’s a once in a lifetime experience and every person deserves to enjoy it!





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