What makes a bride a desi bride? Obviously her lavishing lehnga and her sparkling jewels. Most brides focus on their outfits as their first priority, and in that hassle of finding a royal, heavy, yet very stylish lehnga, sometimes they miss out on their jewellery.

If you are thinking that a heavy kundan haar with jhumkas is enough to accentuate your bridal look, you are mistaken! There are several minute details in terms of accessories that are necessary to achieve a stunning desi bridal look.

In order to help you keep a track, here we have brought a list of 5 fabulous jewellery pieces that you should never miss out for your wedding.

1- Heavy kundan rings or hand-ring bracelet



Beautifully henna-fied hands studded with elegant stone-rings are compulsory for a bride. Along with being traditional, these heavy rings with pearls give an elegant look to the bride. Kundan rings are quite popular nowadays, but some brides still prefer diamond hand-ring bracelet over individual rings.

2- The traditional red chura


Whether your lehnga is red or not, a traditional red chura is must. Previously red was considered the only suitable colour for brides, therefore, red churas were quite common. However, now that there is a change in trend and all the colours are equally in, colourful churas are becoming bride’s new favourite.

So, whatever is the colour of your bridal outfit, don’t forget to adorn your chitiyaan kalaiyaan (forearms) with delicate and vibrant coloured churas.

3- Matha pati or maangtika


When it comes to bridal accessories, maangtika has been a long tradition. Your mom and probably your dadi maa too wore one on her big day. However, nowadays matha pati has become a fresh trend. Studded with shimmering pearls, these glamorous headbands are not famous as bridal accessories but also as bridesmaids’ jewellery.

A kundan maangtika with white pearl strands has become the new bridal fashion. But you can always experiment with something new complementing your outfit.

4- Nath


Selecting an appropriate sized nath is actually a tough task. Due to the huge variety in their size and designs, it becomes quite a challenge to choose one that goes with your facial features, especially your nose. But when a delicate nath is found, it enhances the overall fragile appearance of the bride immensely.

5- Payal


Many people consider it an Indian tradition to wear a payal. But since we have had our roots in the subcontinent, it is completely fine to follow some of those traditions. Like all accessories payals too come in two designs: heavy kundan and delicate laces. Depending on your choice and the overall look, you can select one of them. Just like hands, henna-fied feet also look exceptionally beautiful with an elegant payal.


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