So the Facebook post of this Indian Bride Purvi Thacker  went viral yesterday after her Pakistani best friend’s visa for India was rejected!


She wrote on her Facebook post:

For all those who know mine and Sarah Munir‘s friendship, you will understand how heartbroken we are that her visa application to India for my wedding in December was denied.

That my best friend cannot be there for what will be my biggest day is something that I cannot come to terms with. Forget the hustling, the paperwork, the months of coordination and prayers – we didn’t know that it would end with a rejection.

Sarah has visited India and I have visited Pakistan, where we have stayed with each other’s families. Her ammi and abbu are like my own and her family and siblings are like my own and we have visited mosques, churches and temples together. It’s not until our respective countries/governments remind us that it is unusual for us to be doing those things together that we think of each other as “Pakistani” or “Indian.”

It’s extremely sad that even though we have never let religion, nationalities, our shared history and even cricket come between us, incidents like this repeatedly make us feel like we should.

We understand that our countries shared history has huge economic and political implications, but it also takes a toll on normal mundane things like human relationships and connections. Nobody thinks about that. Being friends and being there for each other should not be this hard just because we were born on different sides of the borders.

We hope that social platforms like Twitter (where we have already received significant help) and Facebook, will help change these notions. Please do feel free to share this, so maybe the “right” people will take notice and help us in some way.

As you know, we don’t give up that easily!#GetSarahToIndia

(photo credit: Yulia Denisyuk / In Search of Perfect)

— in New York, New York.

5 things that will happen if your best friend couldn’t attend your wedding!!

1- Disbelief

As soon as your bff breaks the terrible news to you, you go into the denial and disbelief phase. You refuse to accept this could be happening to you.


2- Start Crying

Tears start rolling down your cheeks because this is the most horrific thing that could happen to you. You may also go into severe depression.


3- Panic

Panic and anxiety kicks in as you start to come out of denial and finally accept the disaster at hand.


4- Lose Faith In the World

You start to lose faith in the people around you because your fall seems to be falling apart and you can’t think of a solution.


5- Take it out on your sister!!

Your sister becomes your punching bag because you start to take all your frustration and anger out on her as the big day approaches.


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