5 things overlooked when planning a shadi

5 things overlooked when planning a shadi

There are sure to be endless questions you will want to answer as you plan your shadi. These can range from what kind of decorations you want to what songs you will have at the mehndi to what you will wear at the shadi and so much more. So, it is only natural for a few important details to slip through the cracks while you are making all your plans. And that is why we are going to share 5 things overlooked when planning a shadi to help make sure that you do not miss any of these critical points.

Getting some help with the planning

One of the most significant things people tend to overlook is finding help and sharing the burden of planning the shadi. A competent and professional wedding planner can be one of the biggest helps you can find. They can help make your shadi planning a much easier process saving you a lot of anxiety and worry. Understandably, not everyone will have the funds necessary to hire a wedding planner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some help. In these cases, you can always look to have one of your family or close friends help you; just make sure they are someone responsible and up to the task.

You can do that by giving them a few tasks to complete and being clear about your expectations. And if you are not ready for that, then even having a few people helping out running errands for you can make the shadi planning process much more manageable. It will help you get more done and free you up to focus on dealing with more crucial parts of the shadi planning.

Making a list of priorities

Yes, time will fly by quickly while you are planning the shadi. While that may sound like something of a cliché, that does not make it any less true. You will want to make sure to complete all of the most critical tasks earlier in the process and then work on the less crucial details. Most of the time, things will take longer than you anticipate, which means that there will be delays.

That is why it is essential to list your priorities before you start doing anything. Prioritise what is most important to you and focus on that as you plan the shadi. That way, you will know what to focus on first and have more time to work around any issues that crop up.

Being ready for something to go wrong

Speaking of things going wrong, you will have to accept that this will inevitably happen. No matter how far ahead and how carefully you plan, something is bound to happen that you need to step in and fix. It’s pretty likely that one of your vendors will make a mistake, or there will be some type of misunderstanding or a miscommunication that causes an issue. And that means that you need to be mentally ready for these scenarios in advance. That will help lower the stress of the situation when it does happen.

Setting aside an emergency fund in the budget

And setting aside money in your budget for these unforeseen costs is an excellent way to prepare for these crises. It is one way to ensure that when things go wrong, you have some additional leeway to correct the issues without having to stress about your budget. Sometimes you underestimate the costs of food and beverages for the shadi, the venue you have your heart set on might be charging more than expected, or it could be one of the myriad of other things that happen when planning a shadi. Even though it makes things more complicated, it’ll be much easier to handle if you’re ready for the unexpected.

Remembering to maintain a healthy routine 

When planning and preparing for your shadi, your stress levels are sure to be quite high. You’re probably going to be feeling anxious, excited, and any number of other different emotions all at once. But you should keep in mind that this is not a quick process, and you need to make sure to maintain a healthy routine. That means making sure not to skip meals, drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated while running around looking at vendors and taking break days.

You do not want to overwork yourself and completely exhaust yourself ahead of the wedding. It is super important to remember that everyone needs to practise a little self-care when under stress. The entire purpose of a shadi is to rejoice and celebrate your special day, which you won’t be able to accomplish if all you experience is tension and stress throughout the process leading up to the shadi.

Planning a shadi is a complex and time-consuming process that requires careful consideration of several critical details. By keeping our list of 5 things overlooked when planning a shadi in mind, you will be able to ensure that your shadi planning process is a much smoother experience and far less stressful experience than it would otherwise be.


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