Mehndi is a fun filled function in the whole wedding event, mainly because of the popping and vibrant colours that add the glory in the event. On this special event, different arrangements are made by friends, cousins, family of bride/groom to make the night more enjoyable.

Prominently, the most highlighted part of “mehndi” is “thaal” in which all the elements of “rasam” are placed in a beautiful manner. It’s quite a nerve-racking task to prepare the “mehndi thaal”. People usually spend a huge amount of money to appoint designers and hire a person to decorate these “thaals”. But there are dozens of ideas that are pretty economical and can be prepared with the funky ideas!

Simple yet amazing:

This idea can turn out to be a time saver and at the same time, it will look pretty awesome. All you need to do is to buy a “thaal” place in butter paper and pour the mehndi mixture in it. Decorate it with seamless flowers around the corner of “thaal” and place in a flower shape candle!

Your “thaal” is all set to be the stunner of the night!

Exquisite Marigold:

Marigold flowers are always on the first choice when it comes to decorating the mehndi event, these flowers are truly an absolute treat for eyes! These flowers add an extra punch to the event.

Making “thaal” out of marigold flowers is pretty easy, just place some of the gorgeous fresh flowers on the “thaal” and place in a bowl filled with “mehndi” in the center and place candles around the “mehndi” bowl.


Fairy lights “thaal”:

This is still a unique idea to prepare a “thaal” with fairy lights. These tiny light will surely add a spark to your “mehndi thaal”. You just need to grab a “thaal” or maybe a used one, and wrap it with the golden wrapper and stick some artificial red and yellow flowers at the edge and twist a string of fairy light around the flower arrangement.

Pink themed “thaal”:

If you are that kind of person that want to follow theme strictly, then this “thaal” style is perfect for you. Grab a plate in pink colour, or you can paint it home. Place some fresh roses, marigold and pink flowers on the plate and place small pots of “mehndi” and candles around the corner.

Traditional style “thaal”:

For all those who want stick to the basics, then this idea is for you! A “thaal” wrapped in vibrabt “chata pati” fabric and “goota” around the edges is enough to add the traditional touch in the event. You can place in a small pot filled with “mehndi” with some “methai” and if you want you can add a pair of bangles for a bride in the “thaal” too.

Innovative “thaal”:

This cool idea is loved by the most! Mainly because of the convenience factor. Borrow a used “thaal” from your friends or cousins, and wrap it around with “goota” fabric and place a pot for “ubtan” and bowl for “mehndi” and save yourself from dripping of mehndi!

Pop in some wooden sticks so that “rasam” can be done in the most convent way!


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