How do you imagine a desi bride’s entry? Walking slowing in all her bridal ‘Adaa’, while her friend holding her lehnga? Gone are the days when brides used to make their patent entry with their side friend. Today’s brides are no more shy and composed, nor do they want to make a monotonous entry by looking down. Instead, they are excited about being wedded to their Prince Charming, and therefore, want to enter in full enthusiasm, style, and elegancy.

Now it’s up to dulhan waley that with what sort of grace and excitement they want to make their bride’s entry. If you are searching for some super cool ideas to make your bride’s entry a memorable one, here is a list of some extraordinary ideas.

1- Phulon ki chaddar


There is nothing as simple yet elegant as phulon ki chadder. You can even create one by yourself. Most people usually prefer red roses but you can use a variety of flowers to add more colours to your chadder.


2- The royal palki


Palki or dholi has become another wedding trend. Brothers and cousins of the bride raise her in a well decorated palki and make her entry very grand.


3- Dhool se suagat


If it’s a Punjabi wedding, your very own dhool bhangra is enough to lift up everyone’s mood!

4- Bride and Groom together


If your family is okay, you can make the bride and groom enter together. A floral cart or a traditional bhagi would be an appropriate ride for their entry.

5- The Indian chaddar



The Indian chadder is different from a floral chadder. It has golden kalira on it. Kaliras are golden or silver ornaments that Indian brides usually wear with a chura.


6- What about a cycle entry?


You can always try something funky and existing, such as make your bride enter on a cycle or rickshaw. But don’t forget to decorate it properly with flowers.


7- Royal gold umbrella


A lot of bridal entries involve the use of umbrella. In order to make it look more elegant, you can opt for a gold umbrella.


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