When talking about weddings, brides are obviously both excited and nervous as they have a lot to deal with. Out of all the things, one thing they are most worried about is their look on the wedding day. The bridal dress, makeup, hair, everything needs to be perfect!

Keeping your hair in place can trouble you a lot on your wedding day. But not anymore as these quick tips will give you long lasting wedding hair in no time.

1. Know your hair

Before getting started, make sure you know what suits you and your hair. Have a clear idea of what you want and for a better explanation go through online pictures and video tutorials. This will give you and the stylist a better insight about what to do and how to do.

2. Second day hair will do

Styling your hair right after shower is a mistake to avoid. Brides usually shower on their wedding day so that they can work with fresh hair. However, most hairstylists recommend second day hair for wedding day styling. If you are going for up-dos or loose curls then second day hair will work best for you. But if you have a very oily scalp then using a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair can save the day for you.

3. Tight and high

Beginning your hair high and tight will keep it in place for a longer time. Whether it’s a low fishtail or loose open curls, make sure the hairstyle is done nicely from the top. In case of curls, curl your hair tightly and pin it properly to your head and when it’s the show time, you can unpin them to get perfectly curled hair.

4. Bobby pins

What would women do without these? Bobby pins are a must for every hairdo and especially for those on a wedding day, when keeping your hair intact seems impossible. If you are hiring a professional to do your hair then you need to sit back and relax because professional hairstylists know exactly how to pin all your hair nicely without showing any bobby pins. However, if you are doing it yourself, better start practising a few days before the final day. For safe side, keep some bobby pins with yourself to fix a loose strand immediately.

5. Hairspray

This is definitely something that you cannot miss! Although hairsprays make your hair dry and rough but they are very effective to keep them in place. Using the right hairspray can set your hair without making then crunchy or rough. Spray your hair nicely even if you haven’t done much styling because keeping your hair in place is really important to fully enjoy the event.

6. Don’t touch it

This is the part where your hair begins to loose. When the styling is done, brides usually start to look for flaws and try to fix it themselves. Doing that can ruin your hair completely. Avoid touching your hair frequently and if something needs to be fixed ask your stylist.

7. Add the details in the end

If you are adding any details such as a hair accessory or a veil, test it first and add it in the end. Make sure you put all such stuff to you hair when you are about to leave the dressing room. This is because adding it earlier can ruin your hair. Try to keep it simple by adding light yet elegant accessories that can glam up your look, without exaggerating it.

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