1. The Crowd Puller


This is the kind of a person who just loves involving people in whatever they do. Eating? Join me! Crying? Join me! Dancing? Join me!

These are some of the best people too. They love the world which is why the world loves them. They love collective participation which is why any of your guests which are socially awkward and cannot mix in with people unless they are approached will be taken care of. These –people will drag them in and the rest of the crowd and will make it a night to remember for all. They are some of the best dancers on the floor too, owing to their incredible confidence

2. The Over Confident


Now this person looooves to dance. But in their love they forget that others do too, and so they take over the whole dance floor leaving little to no space for others. They can dance well, but not all the time, which makes things a tad awkward.



3. The Professional


This is the person who cannot and will not take dancing as a joke and hates all the others who do so. They are usually the ones who choreograph and schedule the dance practices, get aag bagoola at those who do not arrive at the practice or start goofing around. They hate missteps and do not fear to call out those who just cannot understand the moves. This sometimes causes the initial dance crew of 20 to reduce down to 4 people. However, thanks to them, when the crew takes the stage, it will be one of the best performances your guests have seen at a mehndi. Otherwise, no food for dancers.

4. The Auntie/Uncle


Sometimes aunties get too carried away with their dancing and it just becomes awkward for everybody in the vicinity. And amidst all that move busting they come out with some inappropriate joke which will cause loud laughers from other adults while the younglings smile awkwardly to show people they do not understand the joke even though they do. You will usually spot these aunties’/uncles’ children hiding their faces underneath some table at the corner of the dholki hall.

5. The Country Dancers


They know how to work their feet but not their upper body. The result is, a not-so-Leo-from-Titanic dance but somewhere close. Bonus points to them if they are rocking the heels because some people can barely walk in them.


6. The Boom-Boom-Clap



They are the awkward ones. When the crowd pullers pull them on the dance floor, they’ll just stand there clapping the night away with cheeks flaring red because of all the blushing they do. Their ideal place to stand is in between the onlookers from where they can enjoy watching other people and cheer them while they are dancing.

7. The DJ


Either you are listening to their playlist the entire night, or you will spot them whining in front of everybody because the song of their choice isn’t being sung or played. The ‘Cool Burger Dudex’ usually fall under this category. You can often hear them say, ‘Oh Good Lord! You guys are so pathetic, have you even heard Drake? This bolly shiz is so lame!’


8. The Singer


They are the loudest of the bunch. They know every song and will sing it at a volume which will render them speechless (literally) for the next two weeks. All the same, they have some great library of music in their heads, perfect for every dholki.

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