About Us

Shadi Tayari is a Pakistan-based wedding suppliers’ directory that intends to capture and explore a large segment of the market that hasn’t been discovered yet. It is a platform where people can find all the major and minor details about the suppliers needed to plan, organise, and execute an extraordinary and memorable wedding! The fundamental aim of this venture is to create an organised stage where customers can meet reliable, affordable, and skilful vendors for their wedding planning, without wandering everywhere in the market.

Shadi Tayari is a one-of-a-kind wedding suppliers’ directory that provides a comprehensive range of free and featured listings of wedding suppliers. From event planners, dress designers, caterers, and decorators – we have covered it all on one centralised platform.

Meet the Founders

Shadi Tayari is a dynamic venture that belongs to an ambitious duo, who favours entrepreneurial missions. Over the years, their strong combination of IT exposure and business management expertise has enabled them to establish several entrepreneurial endeavours. Their passion for entrepreneurship has enabled them to discover the market gap for a comprehensive wedding suppliers’ directory in Pakistan.

Syed Omar Ali

Omar has over 10 years’ of experience in the IT field. He has over 7 years of experience in the UK where he founded two IT companies. He is responsible for creating some of most innovative IT projects in the U.K. On his return to Pakistan, he set up yet another IT firm known as ‘The Code IT Company’. Under its flagship, he and his wife Dr Nousheen Zakaria introduced Shadi Tayari, a wedding suppliers’ directory that is second to none.

Dr Nousheen Zakaria

Nousheen is a PhD from the University of Leeds, U.K and has over 7 years’ of business development and research experience. She has worked within the academia in the U.K as well as in Pakistan and served as an Assistant Professor and visiting faculty member at various leading universities. She has also co-founded the company in the U.K and Pakistan with Omar.

When Nousheen and Omar observed the wide, vacant space between customers and the wedding-related-service providers, they came up with this brilliant idea of bringing the two parties together, via an online and 24/7 available platform – the internet. Hence, they both embarked on a journey to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams of becoming one of the leading wedding suppliers’ directory in Pakistan.