Advertise With Us

Along with getting yourself listed onto our website as venders, you can also post advertisements on our page for further promotions. The Shadi Tayari website has a distinct advertisement section on all of its pages, where different type of wedding-related services can be promoted.

Our official webpage offers a range of options in terms of banner advertisement that will be suitable for as per your budget and campaign. If you want us to advertise your company, simply follow the steps mentioned below,

  • Step One: Go to the ‘list your business’ option on our website.
  • Step Two: Fill out the form available on the page, so that our team can contact you.
  • Step Three: Next, go to the ‘contact us’ page. Email us at that along with getting listed on our website, you also want to advertise yourself on our page.
  • Step Four: After validating your brand’s reputation in the market, we will send you a confirmation email regarding the availability of space on our website for your company’s advertisement. After that, we will let you know about the later procedures.