Proven Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Store shelves are full of cosmetics, cleansers, and lotions labelled “for sensitive skin.” However, no one knows if he/she should use these products. Also, how it will help their sensitive skin. There’s no official definition for sensitive skin. However, most doctors define it as skin that’s irritated by things that don’t bother other people. It’s […]

5 Unique Ideas for Nikkah Giveaway ‘Chuware’ Distribution

In Desi wedding, giveaway courtesy is known as ‘chuware’ – the ultimate giveaways in a Shadi. ‘Muftakhoor’ (freeloader) at the wedding even have a competition of collecting the most chuware packets. After ‘nikkah’, guests desperately wait for this complimentary to satisfy their Kuch Meetha hojaye craving. Guest also evaluate and discuss chuware packaging and material […]