Mehndi night is filled with fun, music, dancing and of course, Mehndi. It is an event where family and friends gather for a full night of party and enjoyment. Keeping the traditions alive, the ‘Dulhan’ along with all the ladies, is beautifully adorned with Mehndi. There is great festivity in the atmosphere as the bride glows amidst great laughter and music. The cousins and friends get ready to take the center stage as the night begins.

You surely would want to make this night a memorable one. We at Shadi Tayari have compiled a list of some great ideas to make it more exciting. Have a look and let us know what you feel about them:

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When it comes to your Mehndi, you have to be creative to make sure that everybody has fun. Having games at your Mehndi is an amazing idea – something that everybody will enjoy. Have a Pani Puri eating competition in which the Bride’s team compete against the Groom’s team. Other games can include passing-the-pillow, musical chair and so on. You will be surprised to see the excitement with which your guests will participate – yes, even the older ones!

Have a Dance Performance


No Mehndi is complete without incredible music and dance performance. Have the service of a choreographer and learn the amazing steps – steps you have always wanted to perform. Go for the desi traditional styles or western salsa and take your Mehndi to the next level. There is no better sight in the world than to see the bride and groom dance together for the first time.

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This is another interesting game for the Mehndi. Prepare questions for the bride and groom and ask these questions rapidly within a minute to find out who knows who better. You can ask the date when they first met, their partner’s favourite restaurant, their partner’s best achievement and other questions like these. The winner is obviously the one with the most number of correct answers.

Award Funny Titles


Who is the most awkward in the family? Who is the funniest or the laziest? Think up some funny and witty titles for specific members of the family and have a mini-award show at the Mehndi. This will surely be enjoyed by every member of the family. Plan special titles for the bride and groom to double the fun.

Relive Special Moments Through Video


Set up a projector and run the most memorable moments of each partner’s childhood and their special moments together. This will be your way of congratulating them and giving them best regards for the future. The slideshow will bring back old, rich memories of the couple and that will be something priceless.

Set Up a Photo Booth

Everybody loves taking pictures. Set up a photo booth with a fancy background and have guests take pictures with their loved ones. You can also have props such as goggles, sign boards etc. to make it more exciting. Let people be expressive in the booth to get the most candid of pictures.

Have the Bride and Groom Give a Speech


In the end, you can have the couple deliver a speech. This will give them a chance to share their feelings about each other and pay gratitude to the guests. Their incredible story in their own words will surely make the event memorable for many years to come.

We at Shadi Tayari love Shadis and have got incredible amazing ideas related to Shadis. Contact us to know more about how we can help.


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