Calling all budget brides out there! Photobooths look so fun, and these days, no wedding is complete without them! So if you’re looking for some easy peasy ways to put up a photobooth without spending a bomb or too much effort on it, we are here to help! Here are some super cool photobooth ideas which are easy, cheap and look amazing in photos!

1. Painted Tyres and Bottles

This is one of the most exciting and fun backdrops to make! Just tie a string and then hang a few coloured bottles and tyres.

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 2. The Umbrella Photobooth

All you need to do is buy some funky and colourful umbrellas and then stick them to a board! Great backdrop for some amazing fun pictures!


3. Hanging Frames

Make your wedding more special and memorable by adding more pictures in the background and hanging frames.



4. Big Frame

This one has been around for quite some time but you can always add your own twist. All you need to do is to get a frame and then wrap it around with some nice fresh flowers and you’re all set!

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5. The Cycle Backdrop

This one is actually our fav! Grab a cycle – paint it blue or red and then place it over a nice backdrop. It makes it an amazing backdrop for your wedding picture series!




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