How to BAKE your Face to Perfection?

How to BAKE your Face to Perfection?

Baking is the more like the finishing touch that you add to effortlessly done, flawless makeup. Many people assume that baking is time-consuming, but honestly, it is just another couple of seconds to your everyday makeup while ensuring that there is remarkably less makeup smudging on your face.

To ease and enhance your baking experience, here are a few pro-baking tips.

The Baking Recipe:

  • Foundation/Concealer
  • Setting powder without silica
  • Blend Brush
  • Damp Makeup Sponge
  • Fluffy Brush
  • Dual-Ended Brush (End with dense bristles to settle powder into contour regions of the face, and a fluffy end to sweep off powder)

[It would be best if you tipped out around a spoon of powder so that your baking tool can pick up and pack on a thick layer of powder. If there’s any excess, you can pour it back in your pot.]


Step #1:

The base is set using a foundation or a concealer because the powder will only set inaccurately and long-lastingly if you provide it with a liquid formulation that can hold all your powder particles in place even after sweating.

Step #2:

After you are done setting in the foundation base, you need to use your blend brush or a damp makeup sponge for the application of setting powder over your face. To attain the perfect makeup look using setting powder you need to make sure that you have just a little time and the right tools to allow the powder to sit on your face and blend in with your foundation nicely. Try to use a dabbing technique to blend in the powder into areas that you feel need more highlighting.

Step #3:

Within less than ten minutes, your required amount of powder will have settled onto your skin while you can easily dust off unnecessary and extra powder remnants on your face by using a fluffy brush. Casually, five minutes of powder settling is good to go for light baking. However, it is recommended by top-notch makeup artists to follow a ten-minute routine so that the setting powder can sufficiently exhibit its baking effects for a minimum of 12 hours.

Step #4:

Consider the areas that need extra baking. There may be a possibility that some regions on your face do not require baking at all either, while some may require more attention. Therefore, knowing your facial areas is vital while baking. Usually, patches under your eyes should be baked to perfection to eliminate creases and to avoid smudging. Nonetheless, your chin and nose are areas that naturally excrete body oil which you need to bear in mind while baking. Hence, these areas need extra baking touches and highlighting to ensure a smooth, glossy and perfectly baked look.

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