It is surprising that beach weddings are not popular or even considered in Karachi. Maybe it is because people think that Muslim Pakistani brides do not have to do the whole walk down the aisle or the phereey part. Beach weddings are stunning, which is why we are declaring the arguments against it as completely outdated and baseless.
You can do the nikah ceremony as well as the shaadi khaana there too. For those dulhan and dulhaas who are in love with the ocean and want to spend their big day at the beach, Shadi Tayari has got your back. We will form a foolproof plan for a beach wedding in Karachi; an idea your parents won’t be able to resist.

Why is a day wedding a great idea?
  • Since the government has placed a ban on wedding venues on operating after 10 pm, you cannot go on with your late night wedding shenanigans anyway.
  • Holding a wedding during the day time will give you more time to enjoy it with your friends and family.
  • Daytime = great lighting = brilliant wedding photographs and selfies!


  • After the shaadi is over, you will have plenty of time left to share your special day with your significant other and the closest family members and friends.
  • Due to the fact that daytime weddings are so rare in Pakistan, there is a high probability that your favourite parlours and caterers are open to bookings and at low prices too!
Why is a beach wedding a great idea?
  • Some of the private beaches in Karachi provide a heavenly scenery.
  • A nikkah ceremony can be conveniently organised at the beach.
  • It sets your wedding apart from others.


  • You can have the most vintage and rustic chic wedding decorations at the venue.
  • There are no high costs involving the booking fee that venues ask for.
  • You can rent a beach house and hold the banquet inside.


Can you hold a night wedding at the beach?

Yes, definitely! You can douse the place in magical fairy lights and decorate the beach house like the flashy Pakistani wedding venue we all love.

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Things to remember when you plan your perfect beach shaadi.
  • Security is one the issues in Karachi even when you are hiring a wedding hall. You just need to be extra careful with this.
  • Get permission from the local authorities.
  • Book a private beach so that you do not have any uninvited people peeking in at your celebrations.
  • Dress light. This does not mean that you shouldn’t wear a jora at your wedding. Just make sure that whatever jora you are wearing isn’t so heavy that you are barely able to move and walk on the solid ground, let alone the soft sands of the beach. Also, ditch the heels.
  • Consider a cooler weather for your wedding because the scorching heat of the summertime in Karachi is unbearable. You can even plan it at evening time at around 4 o’clock onwards when the sun starts setting. Bonus: the view of an unforgettable sunset.


  • Let the guests go casual. A beach wedding is as eccentric as it can get in Karachi wedding culture, so let your guests dress down as much as they want as long as they don’t show up in pajamas.
  • Provide shade if you have not rented a beach house.
  • Prepare yourself for the wind and keep the makeup light and natural. Also, don’t make a beehive out of your hairstyle because it will end up looking like a bird’s nest at the end of the ceremony.

A beach wedding will fulfil all your Pinterest wedding dreams for sure ♥

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