Best shadi dress colours for each season

Best shadi dress colours for each season

Is it time to start looking for your shadi dress yet, all you upcoming brides? The colour of your bridal lehenga or shadi gown will be the first thing that comes to mind. So, you might be wondering what would work better for which season. Well, we’re here to answer that question with what we think are the best shadi dress colours for each season!

It’s your special day, and there is no way you can avoid wanting to look and feel your best. And we know you will be searching for the perfect shadi outfit colour; these beautiful colour combinations should help you come up with the right idea to look spectacular no matter which season you are having your shadi.

Winter – Blue and gold

If you are planning a night-time shadi in the winter, consider a combination of metallic gold and a shade of navy or royal blue for your shadi outfit.

The two colours work beautifully together and will help add a dash of style and elegance to your winter evening. The combination is relatively simple to accessorise, as it goes superbly well with diamond or gold jewellery to make a stunning impression. It is a simple yet elegant and powerful colour combination that you should definitely consider!

Spring – Bluish or peach pink

If you are going for a spring shadi, then pastel colours might be more your style. Different variations of pink, such as peach or bluish, work well as colour scheme options. These lovely colours will help add brightness to the atmosphere, making them ideal for a spring ceremony, especially if the shadi is during the day. If you decide to go with these colours, you might also want to add a little green to your shadi décor, as the contrast looks stunning. Overall, it’s an ideal choice of colour for a spring shadi that makes you look fashionable and sophisticated.

Summer – Mint green

Mint green isn’t one of the most commonly seen shadi dress colours, but that only makes it more special. Who doesn’t love the idea of stepping away from the trends and going for something unique and different? The mint green shades can add a fabulous feeling of modern femininity. It exudes a sense of flair and originality for your shadi because it is a very chic and contemporary colour scheme. It is an especially suitable choice if you plan to have an outdoor wedding. The mint green will look phenomenal, with a background of a lush garden or a beach with waves crashing against the sand. So don’t be afraid to stand out and go with mint green for a memorable summer option.

Autumn – Pink and gold 

Pink is a very upbeat and cheerful colour, and gold represents refinement and luxury. When combined, the two provide one of the most stunning colour combinations. So why not go with a soft and understated look with this timeless colour pair to give yourself a chance to display your unique sense of style? If you decide on a dress in this colour combination, you might even choose to add the pink and gold mixture to other parts of your shadi’s colour scheme to match your look. There are plenty of flowers that would work well in your shadi decorations to match these colours. And combining the two colours on your shadi invitations and favours will help create a memorable first impression for your guests.


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