Your wedding day can be stressful. How do you prepare for that? A day before. And by preparing we don’t mean bawling your eyes out, we mean packing your ultimate survival kit for the day, and be battle ready for whatever comes your way. Here is the BRIDAL SURVIVAL KIT neccessities Shadi Tayari has put together for you:



Bandages are a must have for everyday anyways. But be extra sure that you keep them in your BSK. You will need it in the case of blisters or even for your saheliyaan.


2. Translucent Powder


Translucent powder is a must have for all brides no matter your skin type. Even if you don’t have oily skin, you will get oily throughout the day because of your heavy makeup, stress and bright lights. Make sure it is a good quality powder otherwise you can look chalky in photos. The translucent powder also works great if you spill food on your dress. Just put on some translucent powder, it will soak up the oil and then you can dust it off. Easy peasy.


3. Safety Pins and Bobby Pins


There are only a few things these two weapons can’t fix, examples include broken relationships and open wounds. From fixing dupattas to lehengas, from flyaways to broken bracelets, these will be your superman for the day.


4. Emergency sewing kit with needle, thread, and scissors:



5. Power Bank


You do not want to run out of your phone battery on the day of your wedding, it will inevitably lead to chaos. And also if you are snapchatting your significant other, you will not have to worry about running out of battery.


6. Tissues


It is as important for you to keep a stash of tissues as imporatant breathing is for you. Tissues are actual lifesavers. In case of – messing up makeup, shedding a few tears, spillage and so much more – tissues will come to rescue you. The only condition to this is that you have them with you. Do not rely on the low-quality tissues that your venue has. You need soft, and good-quality 3 plier tissues at your side all the times.


7. Snacks


All dulhaans must not forget to eat before the wedding. You will never be able to enjoy your wedding day with an empty stomach. Other than that, it is important that you keep some healthy snacks on hand in case you feel hungry. I am also a very staunch believer in eating away the stress. Keep some dried fruits or a nice protein bar which will keep you on your feet all day long.


8. Flats


Keep some comfortable flats by your side. You should not spend all day in towering heels and heavy jora. Relieve the pressure on your feet by giving them a break now and then. Otherwise, you will have a terrible back and sole pain at the end of the which is certainly not an ideal case to be in.


9. Medical and Makeup bag


In your medical bag don’t forget to keep your prescription medicines and a ‘panadol’ to keep you going for the day. If you are wearing contact lenses or have any eye allergies, keep the solutions with you all the time.

In your makeup bag, keep the lipstick you are wearing for the day, lip balm, a waterproof eye kohl and makeup wipes. These things are must have for the-big-day-makeup-emergencies.

10. Your Mind


Prepare for a day full of stress, but do not lose your mind. If things start to go haywire, just try to focus on the good things and remember that Allah will make everything better. Learn some five-minute meditations and keep on doing them whenever you get the time. This way you will be calm and collected and enjoy the day like you should.


Practice deep yoga-like breaths.
End the day before your wedding with 5-minutes of meditation and deep breaths. This will help calm you down before you hop into bed for the last time as a Ms.

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