10 Reasons to attend the “2 DAY BEAUTY, AND MAKEUP BOOTCAMP” by Shadi Tayari

Are you the one that struggles in applying makeup? Also, you face thousands of problems while selecting the right concealer, right lip colour and how to use the right eye-shade. To cater all your daily concerns in the application of makeup, Shadi Tayari is bringing a platform that allows you to explore the makeup! If […]

5 Tips to help you be “The Centre of Attention” this Wedding Season

Weddings are the favourite type of events for most people. So when wedding season rolls around, they can’t help to get overly excited and begin to prepare all the outfits and makeup looks. Women usually always end up buying loads of makeup in preparation such as a beautiful shimmering highlight, and a set (or four) […]

The Best Korean Skincare Routine For Brides To Be

The thirst for beauty tips for the glass glowing skin of the Koreans is the best thing a girl can have. With innovative technology harnessing ancient traditions, we want the weird-but-wonderful hacks and 10-step skincare methods for ageing well. We have got the best skin care regime for morning and evening, straight out of the […]