Invitation Designs For Your Dream Wedding

Invitation cards are as significant as the occasion itself. The opening act of your wedding, the invitation card gives a preclusion to what the festivities that follow in the coming wedding season are going to be like. While we love the traditional, vintage wedding invitation design—paper leaflets, cursive wordings and beautifully printed gold borders—a perfectly-suited […]

Wedding moments of bollywood celebrities’ to die for!!!

Attending a traditional Pakistani wedding is quite a unique and joyful experience. You will witness a wide range of vibrant colours, food, customs and dances blended together in a large and extended celebration. If you’re attending a desi wedding for the first time, it’s very likely that you’ll get overwhelmed by the bewildering array of […]

12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist For Desi Weddings

If there is one thing we have learned from attending Pakistani weddings, it’s this- they take a lot of planning! Wedding season is coming! Everyone’s heard of the one and only, dreadful bridezilla – she’s the one wreaking catastrophe on everyone around her, and it’s all because she’s stressed out and filled with anxiety about […]

Salons and Spas of Sargodha

Тhe most comfortable and soothing place for ladies аѕ wеll аѕ men now, where they fееl rеlахеd іѕ а salon or a spa. Usually, after each half a month, women go for а pedicure, manicure, haіrstyle, fасіаl, skіn treatments and so on tо fееl rеlахеd and gеt some pleasant vibes. There’s no denying our Pakistani […]

10 Reasons to attend the “2 DAY BEAUTY, AND MAKEUP BOOTCAMP” by Shadi Tayari

Are you the one that struggles in applying makeup? Also, you face thousands of problems while selecting the right concealer, right lip colour and how to use the right eye-shade. To cater all your daily concerns in the application of makeup, Shadi Tayari is bringing a platform that allows you to explore the makeup! If […]

5 Tips to help you be “The Centre of Attention” this Wedding Season

Weddings are the favourite type of events for most people. So when wedding season rolls around, they can’t help to get overly excited and begin to prepare all the outfits and makeup looks. Women usually always end up buying loads of makeup in preparation such as a beautiful shimmering highlight, and a set (or four) […]