Choosing a wedding venue can be stressful. There are so many factors you have to consider, especially when you live in a city as big as Karachi. Shadi Tayari is here to break down the concerns and woes of soon-to-be-weds so that they can choose the perfect wedding venue for their big day.

1. Location

In Pakistan, you have to be very conscious about ‘log kya kahaeinge’. You need to make sure that your venue is accessible by both your khandaan waley and your susraal waley. If both of the families live far away, decide on a place in between these areas.


2. Accessibility

Since not all of your guests might own their personal transport, you should be considering their accessibility. If the venue is too far from the main city area and buses and rickshaws do not cross the place, you should at least arrange a coaster for them. Otherwise, try searching for a venue which would be an easy-go for everybody.


3. Spaciousness

Most of the Pakistani weddings are bigger than the Big Fat Greek Weddings. This is why you need an enormous place to accommodate your guests. There should be enough place to seat all of your guests, have a separate banquet table and enough space between the furniture so that people can roam around to socialise without bumping into each other. We all know what happens when Zarina Khala and Fareeda Phupo come face to face *shudders*.


4. Costs

Do not exceed your budgeted amount as far as venues go. You might love the Crystal Ballroom but if your rent budget barely squeezes it in then do not book the venue. Besides rent, you need to pay for the lighting, the décor, the music and what not. There are plenty of small details which we do not even consider while budgeting but they accumulate to be a major cost of a wedding planning. Karachi is a big city, you will find a good place, you do not need to break your bank.


5. Outdoor vs. Indoor

There is a lot of difference between these weddings. Choose wisely considering your theme and the weather. Indoor Halls with no or barely any AC will suffocate your guests, while outdoor lawns in winter nights will kulfi-ize your guests.


6. Décor

If you are especially considering a proper theme for your wedding day instead of just heavily bouquet-fiying your stage, the venue will play a large role. Some venues do not allow huge decorative props; meanwhile, others might have a great team of decorators at your dismissal to make it into a winter wonderland, a beach day or anything in between.


7. Fooooood

If you know some caterer who makes the best biryani in your opinion but your venue just doesn’t allow a third party caterer and their in-house food service is crap, CANCEL! It just isn’t worth it. At the end of the day, people will remember the food. Besides, at the end of the day, you can find many good places for your wedding ceremony, but a good cake is hard to find. Just like your spouse.


About Shadi Tayari

We at Shadi Tayari love weddings and all aspects related to it. Our goal is to help you plan the perfect wedding – the wedding that will speak volumes about your personality. Our creative team has got all the amazing ideas for you. From catering to venues, we make sure that we provide wedding suppliers who deliver on time and on a budget. Making hundreds of weddings successful, Shadi Tayari is the ultimate Shadi solution in Pakistan.

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