Every girl experiences her Bridezilla moments right before her wedding day. Unfinished tasks, late deliveries, improper fittings, and chaos – all these things add to her agitation. However, when it comes to desi brides, no one can beat them for the extra drama and tantrums they throw while going through the crazy bridezilla period. Here is a list of all those top bridezilla moments that almost every desi bride has experienced or is about to experience.

1. Lehenga Drama


Taking forever to choose a lehenga and demanding a brand that is nowhere near their budget.

2. In search of the salon



Picking glitches and flaws in all salons or parlours, even the most posh ones, and ending up at the mohaley ka parlour.

3. Don’t touch my things!


Desi brides go crazy when someone touches their stuff! “Can’t you see it’s so delicate, toot jaega bhai”. Or “eik kaam karo sub tum hi try karlo. Aur shadi b tum hi karlo”.

4. Crying a river out


The sudden realisation of desi brides that they are leaving home.

6. Nobody loves me


When the slightest possible thing goes against their will, they start whining again ‘NOBODY LOVES ME’ and the crying ritual continues.

7. It’s never enough

Even after filling two trucks and buying an entire mall, they still think it’s not enough!

8. It’s my wedding!


A bride’s family hears this line at least a million times during the whole wedding period. Every discussion ends up with ‘my wedding my rules!’ or ‘yeh sub tum apni shadi me karna’.

9. The guest list battle


‘Why is her name on the list? They didn’t call us at their neighbour’s daughter’s cousin’s wedding’. These questions are most frequently asked when a desi bride is getting married.

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