Eight fun games for your bridal shower

Eight fun games for your bridal shower

Bridal showers are a fun way to celebrate the bride-to-be and strengthen relationships with her closest family and friends. However, coming up with and organising games and activities for the shower might be a bit tricky. If you’re looking for some fun and interactive games for your bridal shower, here are eight fun games for your bridal shower that you and your guests are sure to enjoy at the party.

Bridal Bingo

Print out bingo boards for the guest and put down the names of items related to the bride, such as her favourite foods, movies, pastimes, and things that annoy her the most on little cards. The guests will each get a bingo board and compete to be the first to call bingo. To do this, the guests will have to fill out the blank squares with what they think are the answers to the different categories you have picked. Have the bride pick out the bingo cards from a box or bowl and call out what it says to the players. The first person to correctly get a complete line of items, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and say bingo wins.

He Said, She Said

Ask the bride and groom a few questions about themselves, their likes, dislikes, and future plans before the game. Write down their responses on small cards, but mix them up so that no one will know who gave which answer and put the cards into a bowl or basket. Next, divide up the guests into teams of two or three. Each team should then pick a card from the basket or bowl and read what it says. The team will have to try and make a guess as to whether the response was from the bride or the groom. The team keeps the card and receives one point if they guess correctly. If they are wrong, the card returns to the box or bowl, and the turn passes to the next team.

Wedding trivia

Look up interesting facts and statistics about shadis and weddings from around the world and write them down on small sheets of paper or small cards. Split the guests into two teams and have the bride be the host. Place the fact cards into a bowl and have the bride take them out one at a time to ask a question about the fact. The teams take turns to answer, and if they are incorrect, the other team has a chance to try. Whichever team gets more correct answers wins.

Guess the picture

Get pictures of the bride and groom from their childhood and younger days. The pictures should be printed out in enough copies for all the guests and then cut into individual cards. Mix them up with pictures of other family and friends from around the same time and put them in a box to start the game. Each guest will select a photo and try to guess which one is the bride or the groom. They are allowed to guess as often as they like, but they must put the already-guessed pictures back on the table. Whoever correctly predicts the groom first wins.


Ask the couple to answer questions about themselves before the celebration, then prepare a list of their responses. Then jumble up the answers, so it is impossible to tell who said what. Print out copies of the list of their answers for each guest after removing any names or pronouns that would give a hint at who said what. Give each of the guests a copy of the list of these answers and ask them to put a circle around the ones they believe were said by the right person. The player who successfully pairs the most statements wins.


Split up the guests into two groups, then select one of the teams to start the first verse of a song of their choice. The previous verse’s final syllable becomes the next song’s first syllable, which the other team must begin singing.

This game pattern continues, with each team singing a verse in turn.

If a team struggles to come up with a song to sing within a certain time limit, such as a minute, they lose the round, and the other team gets the point.


Place slips of paper with various shadi-related words in a small box or bowl. You will also need a whiteboard and some markers so you can draw. Make teams out of the group and pick one of the teams’ members as the artist for the round. Set a timer to one minute, then have them select one of the words from the bowl for them to draw out. If their team cannot figure out what they are trying to draw before the time runs out, the other team will get a chance to guess. Whoever guesses correctly first gets one point.


Write down the name of classic movies on small cards. Then divide the group up and make two teams. Have the first player choose a card from the deck and perform a scene from the movie silently and only using gestures while their teammates attempt to guess the answers in three minutes or less.

These eight fun games for your bridal shower are just some ideas to make your bridal shower a memorable and fun celebration. Everyone will be sure to have a fantastic time and create lasting memories no matter which combination of games you end up playing.


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