‘Love gets official with a ring’. This saying never goes out of style. With engagement season in full swing, couples are all set to choose their special engagement rings. These rings are their first step towards a beautiful journey and therefore they need to exceptionally beautiful, with a personal touch.

To make your engagement ring search effortless, we have compiled a list of latest engagement rings that are trending in 2016.

· Halo Engagement Rings


Are you looking for a ring that fits your budget but topples it when it comes to style? If so, then Halo engagement rings can help you. These beautiful rings are designed in a way to make your centre gemstone look enormous yet delicate. Tiny little gemstones, surrounding the centre stone shine stunningly and flash all the light towards the central gemstone, making it look bigger and sparkling. Halo rings are one of those rings that stay in the trend forever.

· Rose Gold


Rose gold engagement rings are back in the market and this time, they are everyone’s first choice. The feminine rosy shade mixed with a subtle touch of gold is a new trend that’s catching everyone’s attention. Designers all across the globe are using this beautiful colour in their new bridal jewellery collections. Rose gold or pink gold can go with any skin type and ring design, which makes it more preferable over traditional white gold.

· Marquise Cut Diamond


If you are a bride who wants to give her engagement ring a bold vintage look then Marquise cut diamond rings are your style. With all the new shapes buzzing in the market, Marquise or pear-shaped diamond rings never leave the store. These beautiful classic rings look newer and trendier when paired up with some colourful gemstones. These rings make your fingers look thin and give them a classy vintage touch.

· Floral Accents


Women and flowers, this is the perfect duo that has been together since forever and now even in the new engagement rings, this combination is turning out to be amazing. Beautifully crafted petals holding the centre diamond can make every woman go ‘wow’. Floral accents engagement rings are both bold and beautiful, giving you a little joy of love that stays on your finger for the rest of your life.

· Stackable Bands


For women who want something different but elegant, stackable bands are a yes for you. These bands are another rising trend in the jewellery market and everyone looks obsessed with them. Stackable bands can be paired up with anything or can be worn all alone. In both the ways, they add up to your elegance and class. You can wear a single band or can stack up your finger with multiple bands – considering each band a symbol of a special milestone achieved in your love life.

· Colourful Gems


2016 is all about breaking the stereotypes. Maybe this is the reason why brides today are moving towards new trends and designs for their engagement rings. Gone are the days when rubies and emeralds ruled the jewellery market because now you can see tonnes of new colours that can enhance the beauty of your engagement ring. From the central stone of the ring to the metal strap, everything is getting brighter and more colourful. You can go for the classic rubies or blue sapphires or can even work on a new ring design with pink sapphires, morganite, and black diamonds.


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