If you haven’t heard already, there are oils that are excellent for you facial routine. And this might cause you to panic because you might be thinking that would make you face break out. Because you know – oils. But that’s all wrong. Research has proved that there is such a thing as facial oils and that they can do miracles for your skin. The science behind this is that these oils help to moisturise your skin and neutralise the Ph level of you ski. This way your skin does not produce the unwanted grease. The results = smooth, bright and even complexion. As a bride, oils can do wonders for your skin before your big day. Aside from the obvious benefits of moisturising, here are some ways you can use facial oils to help your skin.

For Acne


If you are suffering from acne, you are probably trying to stay as far away from oils as possible. But like I said earlier, oils can help you with this situation. Because, science.

Tea tree oil is the best remedy for acne prone skin. It helps you keep the acne in control and cures the problem from its roots. One study found tea tree oil to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide, but without the associated negative side effects that many people experience including red, dried and peeling skin. It is also antibacterial, which helps in keeping your face clean.

For Night Rejuvenation


Thicker oils like olive oils can be a great night treatment for skin. Your skin cells take up the process of replacing your dead skin cells and repairing damaged skin cells when you are fast asleep.Oils help to boost this process. You will wake up in the morning with a baby like skin, soft and smooth. This beauty practice will also keep your skin moisturised all day long. Castor oil can also be used to help grow your eyelashes and eyebrows. Since the oil is very thick, it is best that you use it at night and not during the day.

For Makeup Removal


Removing your wedding makeup can be a mess, to say the least. Removing the layers and layers of long lasting makeup by rubbing your face with towels and chemicals will leave your face irritated, especially the eyes. Instead of this, you should use oils. Coconut oil helps to melt the makeup off your skin and return the moisture that the makeup stripped away from your skin. Your makeup will come off in easy swipes, and your skin will not get irritated whatsoever. Your face will look fresh after a long, weary day.

For Stress Release


Applying fragrant oils like lavender oils and jasmine oils can help you calm down and destress. Wedding preparations are tough and extremely stressful. It seems like there is something going wrong all the time. However, you need to maintain your positive energy because marriage is a new beginning of your life. Adding such essential oils in your beauty routine will help you to destress.

For Deep Cleansing


Essential oils can help to deep cleanse your skin. This means that they penetrate deep into your skin, fix in the problems, leaving your skin looking flawless and your complexion looking bright. Almond oil is great for this job. It is mild and does not cause irritation, and the nutty smell is a treat too! If you add in brown sugar, it can become a great everyday exfoliator for your skin.

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