Fall is here, and wedding season is about to start. So if you are planning to have a fall wedding, and you are clueless on how you should style your hair, Shadi Tayari has got your back!

Fall look is usually dark, with bold eye look and statement lips. The brides usually let their hair fall in beautiful, loose curls. Effortless and classy.


Alternatively, you can also have intricate curls held up by beads and flowers, you won’t regret it. These hairstyles can make you look like a preppy bride who knows what she wants! What is better than a girl who knows she is the boss? Just make sure not to over do it. Opt for a soft makeup look with this hairstyle otherwise, you can look gaudy, which is something you DO NOT WANT.


Fall is the time of the year when braids come back in fashion, most of the girls’ favourite time of the year. Braids can even make it look like you put some efforts even of you are wearing your pajama t-shirt. Can you imagine what it can do for a bride? Exactly. A put-together bride is everybody’s favourite. And even if they don’t like the food, your braids can wow your guests, no problem at all. You do not have to worry about any flyaways too! And even if it gets loose, you can rock it as messy braid. So versatile right?

Check out these stunning fishtail braids by Natasha:

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Behold the classic bun or up-do. A number of different hairstyles you can achieve in this is an astounding path in a middle or a classic and sleek bun can completely transform your look. Just look!

PC- Noor Dawood Studio

PC- Noor Dawood Studio

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Maatha-Patti is the most trendy accessory for this fall season. And for the right reasons too. It is a crown, fit for the queen of the evening. You can style it in so many ways. with open hairs, or a bun. No limits at all. Maatha-Patti can transform you into the perfect Pakistani bride!

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If you think anybody can match the fierceness of a hijab-clad bride you are wrong. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who owns up to her identity, her hijab, even if it is her wedding day. It is the definition of a strong woman, who embraces her religion and her womanhood.


And if you are looking for a creative look you can get inspired from Snapchat Filters too like this beauty did!

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