Pakistanis are known for celebrating their weddings in the merriest of manners. They take particular care of each and every component related to a “shaadi”, knowing that the day of the wedding is the most important day in the life of both the bride and the groom. So when it comes to buying the perfect wedding gift, that’s not an easy task to tackle either. Since, there are so many things out there; the large number of options can often baffle you!

But first, keep these in mind…

So you should remember three things when it comes to buying the ideal wedding gift for shaadi in Pakistan. One, how close are you to the couple? Two, from whose side were you invited to the wedding? And three, how will your gift prove to be useful for the new couple who are about to embark on a new journey together?
Now some awesome ideas for you!

But while these three things are important, below some wedding gift ideas have been listed that they can help you the next time you go for your wedding gift shopping.

1- The Luxurious Option: Gold Jewellery and Watches

People who go for gold jewellery and watches as wedding gifts are those who are often closest to the bride and the groom. This mostly includes the immediate family of the new couple or their close-knit group of friends. However, it is also a common trend among work colleagues in Pakistan to collect money together and give a joint gift from whichever side they have been invited to.

2- The Practical Option: Furniture and Electronics

This is a practical option but could be a bit expensive one. It has been observed that most Desi relatives gift also gift household items such as furniture to the new couple. So for instance, if you gift somebody a sofa set, choose a colour that is festive and cheerful. Try to go for uni-sex colours such as blues, greens, yellows, peaches, purples or neutrals like earthy shades of browns, beiges, whites, greys or blacks. Another example is that of buying dining sets for the new couple in tan colour or classic blacks, is also another option. You can also gift electronic appliances such as televisions, generators, kitchen appliances, stereo system, etc to the new couple.

3- The Creative Option: Handmade Bedcover, Sofa cover, Art Pieces

If you are the one of the creative sorts and have lots of time on your hands, then you can even gift an art piece like a painting or you could sew a bedcover set or a sofa cover set for the new home of the recently wedded couple. Most people nowadays buy things from the market and gift to the couple. Handmade items on the other hand, are not just rare but they are also memorable. So the new couple will remember how much time and energy you invested in making this handmade item specifically for them.

4- The Delicate Option: Crystal Show Pieces

Gifting crystal show pieces is also another trend that has been observed in the local Desi scene. Crystal showpieces are not just easily available but they are also exquisite. A wide variety of crystal showpieces are available in the market which come in a number of shapes and sizes. They would simply shine in the new home of the couple. Crystal show pieces can be used to decorate whatever spaces they are placed at.

5- The Safest Option: Cash Gifts

Cash is the safest option that most Pakistani families often go for. All the gifts that are given to the new couple are those that may prove to be useful in their new home. That’s why most of the elders in your home would insist on giving cash to the newlywed couple.


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