The kitchen symbolises new responsibilities for a girl as she enters a new phase in her life that begins with marriage. For a new bride, taking care of the kitchen in her new home is among her biggest concerns. While at home, she used to be her mum’s little helper but in her new home, she would be the one in charge of the kitchen.

If you are moving abroad right after marriage, even then learning to cook and managing the kitchen are among your primary concerns. While men today are also interested in cooking but the kitchen will always remain to be a woman’s domain for it is popularly believed to come naturally to her.

For starters, every bride should have these kitchen utensils in her new kitchen!

1- Electric kettle

An electric kettle is a useful essential in kitchenware. It can be used to prepare any kind of hot beverage from chai to coffee, warm up milk and even used to boil eggs! Use the electric kettle to charm your new family with a perfect cup of tea.

2- Toaster

Toaster is an important part of the kitchen. Whether you go for the two-in-one toaster and grill or go for two separate utensils, a kitchen is incomplete without this kitchen gadget.

3- Blender

Hot beverages are not the only way to charm your in-laws! You can create chilled milkshakes, smoothies, and even blend purees, sauces and dips. Most blenders come with an additional mixer and grinder so you can even use them to grind spicy masalas that are a much healthier option for your family!

4-An all-purpose food processor

The most handy kitchen essential of all is an all-purpose food processor. Whether you want to knead the dough for your first roti in the new house, mince chicken or meat for kebabs, the food processor will not just efficiently work but is a perfect way of saving up your precious time.

5- Pressure cooker

Another important piece of kitchen equipment that is a must-have for all new brides is the pressure cooker. If you simply want to avoid the non ending lengthy process of boiling, then the cooker is the most useful utensil of all. It can soften up that tough meat or help you quickly conjure up the daal that your husband likes! In addition to all the above mentioned qualities, this handy piece is also useful in making yummy deserts such as puddings!


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