Planning a grand event like a shadi can actually teach you quite a lot of things in a short period of time, besides planning the perfect outfit or having fun with the whole family gathered under one roof! Read the list below to find out!

1- You become a patient listener

Whether you are the bride or the person who is managing the shadi of somebody close, a shadi teaches you to become a patient listener. During this very important event, everybody from long lost relatives to the neighbours will have some form of advice to give you. Since you can’t follow everybody’s advice and you can’t say no to them either, you have no option but to listen to the advice barraged at you. The best way is to listen to them, smile and do things your way.

2- You have become thoroughly organised

After planning the perfect wedding, your powers of persuasion have increased by leaps and bounds! You can now very sweetly assign various duties to a number of people who won’t refuse you and gets your work done on time. While this makes you organised, it has an added benefit: you now have a lot of free time on your hands as well!

3- You become an expert on bargaining prices, making you the perfect shopper

A shadi teaches you the art of bargaining that will help you get good prices when you are out shopping. This will also make you the perfect person to take for shopping since you can haggle like no other! While your management skills have thoroughly improved, you have also become aware of the costs of various kinds of clothes, shoes, accessories, gifts, stationary, vendors, kitchenware, and beauty treatments and which would be better than the rest. You are aware of the places where one can get the most affordable prices. This is your secret for becoming everybody’s favourite shopper.

4- Which brings us to the most important point: you learn to manage stress.

Stress is something that you will have to learn to tackle on your own. This is one aspect of shadi education that doesn’t come easily even if you have an upbeat personality. But once you get an idea, you will be able to manage it. And that is the sign of shadi teaching you lots and quite successfully!


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