Four types of “Aunties” that may found at every Pakistani wedding!

Four types of “Aunties” that may found at every Pakistani wedding!

Whether it’s your family’s wedding or an acquaintance’s, you will always end up running into that “Aunties” that you have been trying to avoid since forever.

Here is a guide on how to spot them and stay far away. Well, apparently on a lighter note!

The Rishta Aunty

Most of you might already be well aware of this type of Aunties. The Rishta Aunty can be found scouting for “Sughar” girls and “Shareef” boys at every wedding.  You may often see them moving around with their daughter or son in tow with them.

Unfortunately, if you do run into her, be prepared with a lot of excuses!  They are more likely to ask you a lot of questions like: “beta tumhari kahin baat pakki hui wi hai kya?” or “khana to bana leti hogi na tum?” and for boys like: “beta job kaisi chal rai hai tumhari?” Spot them!

The Overly Friendly Aunty

If you are someone who is not comfortable hugging strangers, then this Aunty has definitely been your worst nightmare. As soon as you enter the venue, this Aunty will appear out of nowhere only to drag you into the most extended and tightest hug ever.

Moreover, it doesn’t end there, because if she’s the extra friendly type, you’ll be leaving with a few lipstick stains on your face as well. The best way to avoid them is to have a friend or a relative enter with you and hide behind them if you see the Aunty coming at you.

The Critic Aunty

There will always be that one Aunty at every wedding who hates the food or how the bride looks or the stage setting or basically everything at the wedding. The Critic Aunty can be heard passing comments like “Haye khana itna bura hai mene toh khaya hi nahi” or “Larkay ki height toh kafi choti hai waise” and “larki ka make-up to dekho, kitni bari lag raihai umar se”.

If you’re not closely related to the bride or groom, unfortunately, you will also be subjected to her endless rants and bitter complaining. The best way to avoid her is to act busy every time she’s about to start complaining.

The Foodie Aunty

Most of us wait eagerly for dinner to be served at every wedding, but there’s always that over-enthusiastic, impatient Aunty waiting to jump at the food as soon as it’s served. In case you are standing nearby when she’s getting food, be prepared for aggressive pushing and elbowing.

The only proven way to avoid the violence is to wait until she has filled her plate entirely and left to sit at a table. Warning: You may end up going home hungry!


These are the few types of Aunties you’ll find at every Pakistani wedding, but the list doesn’t end here. Let us know if you have more to add!!
In the end, hope for the best and good luck with the Aunties!

Source: Shadi-Box


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