Your bridesmaids do so much for you during your wedding days. They handle all your bridezilla moments, they calm you down during stressful shadi functions, they whisper the names of your susraal waley and ristadaars when you forget their names. They basically made your life worth living up to your shaadi, and they will be your support system after that. So what you need to do is to shower them with the love they deserve and also spare a bit of cash to buy a cute present for them to show them what they are worth to you.

Here are some gift ideas for your best saheliyaan:

A Handbag

Get them a purse or a clutch that they have been eyeing for a while. Just like diamonds, purses are a girl’s best friend. So such gifts will surely make them very happy.


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A book

A book is a ver personal gift. You can say a thousand words to whomever you gift a book without saying a word. And a good book is close to its reader’s heart, which is another reason you should consider this.


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What is a better gift than to get your girlfriends a yearly subscription of their favourite magazines? The mags will arrive at their doorsteps every month to remind them of the sweet, sweet memories they have of you.


A Gift Card

If you are unsure about what your friend really wants, just get them a gift cards. This way, they can get what they really want and you don’t have to give a lot of thought about it. there are plenty of thought in an already busy time. Or you can even gift them Dinner Vouchers, who doesn’t love free food?



Every girl loves her notebook, especially if it is cute. You can add little notes at the sides


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As girls, there is nothing more fun for us than a sleepover with our best friends. As a reminder of those fun times, get them a lovely cushion. This will remind your sahelis of the good times and also when you make someone’s sleep more comfortable there is a special place for you in Jannah. I think…


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