Trusting your wedding decorator is important. A mutual understanding on the design and theme will ensure that the work is carried out like you want it to. However, some things you need to decide for yourself because these are the important details. Flowers are an important aspect of most wedding decorations. In fact, some of the decorations consist entirely of elaborate flower arrangements. This is why you need to pick your flowers with thought and care. Here are some tips to ensure that you say ‘yes’ to the best flowers for your wedding.

1. If your wedding decorations revolve mainly around flowers, you need to set a budget. Flowers can be expensive, just ask your S/O how much that bouquet costs which they presented to you, ever so lovingly, last Valentine. Not all of us can pull a Kanye, which is why you NEED to set a budget and stick to it.


2. Decide on the theme of your wedding before looking into your flower choices. This Grecian Themed wedding required a minimalist flower arrangement with colours that would pop. For themes such as this, a low flower budget would suffice.


3. If your theme is based on some props like chandeliers and candle lights, which do not require flower arrangements necessarily, you should still consider smaller flowers. Jasmines, Lavenders and Pansies are great options. It will soften the décor and make the venue smell heavenly too!


4. Decide on whether you want one type of flowers or a combination of them. This will affect your budget, the flower and the florist budget both!


5. If your budget is low, leave the exotic flower variety out of your list. Especially in Karachi, where there is huge flower variety available but they come with an even more enormous cost. You can get beautiful arrangements with locally grown flower; you only need to think outside the box.


6. Make sure that your flowers smell good. Wedding venues can get stuffy sometimes if they are packed. A fresh scent throughout the area will please your guests.


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7. Consider your lighting. In sangeet and dholki functions, there are often bright lights. Red roses, for example, will appear dull in a blue or purple light. Which is why lighter colours like white, peaches and pinks would be a more suitable option.


8. Choose a reliable vendor. They should be considerate on the supply timings, and not bail out at the last second. There are times when you just don’t get a particular colour or flower in the market. If you have a reliable vendor, he will find a way get them for you or let you know before it’s too late, so that you can form a Plan B.

A vendor carries garlands of marigold flowers at a wholesale flower market in Peshawar, Pakistan, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015. (AP Photo/Mohammad Sajjad)

Source: FT (AP Photo/Mohammad Sajjad)

9. Do not be wooed by Pinterest too much. Pinterest is good for inspiration and all, but you cannot expect your flower decorations to look exactly like that. Desi weddings are different. You should not expect your Karachi lawn wedding to be a replica of a Plaza Wedding because that is absolutely unrealistic.


10. Consult your decorator. They have experience, and they have skill. Which is exactly why you hired them, right?


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