The Monsoon season is a difficult time for brides since there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. If you are among those girls that are going to have a monsoon wedding, you may be on a search to find out the solution to a variety of problems that come with this season such as out of control hair and the cosmetics turning patchy. Use some of the tips below to perfect your look!

Let’s start with:

  • The hair

Hair becomes unmanageable especially during the monsoon season due to the extra humidity in the air. While there are numerous ways of styling your hair but for this season, you should choose an updo which is easy to manage. You can also use hair gels and mousse to keep your hair in one place. Instead of experimenting with new brands, it is always advisable that you use brands that you have been using before since you would have a better idea about their application and usage.

  • The right way to rain-proof your eyes

When choosing eye products, go for products that you have been using before your wedding day. Tell your stylist beforehand what products you have been using or bring them to the parlour yourself. If you don’t want your eyeliner or your mascara dripping, then go for products that are water-proof.

  • The right way to apply blush

For the monsoon season use makeup products that are water-based or gel-based. This way the makeup will be absorbed by the skin and then you can tap some powder blush on top of it. This should set your blush nicely. The main trick when it comes to effective application of blush is that you are able to blend in a nice way that gives a natural look. Use colours like baby pinks, peaches, to bring out the softness that you desire!

  • The foundation base

The monsoon season means that the air has extra humidity and it makes it difficult to set makeup. That’s why when you are applying makeup during the monsoon season choose a foundation base that is water-based or gel based. This will make it easier for the makeup to slide on your skin. Another option for applying base is using the two-way cake. Two-way cakes are a perfect alternative for foundation bases especially during the monsoon season. Two ways to apply the two-way cake is with a moist blending sponge or use it in the form of loose face powder.


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