The Journey of Mooroo-Eruj, A Beautiful Wedding Story!

The Journey of Mooroo-Eruj, A Beautiful Wedding Story!


Everyone’s favourite content creator, Taimoor Salahuddin, also known as “Mooroo”, recently got married to the love of his life, “Eruj Hadi”.

As a Vlogger, he made a fantastic video of his wedding story in which he recapped his wedding events and the love story. His fans are falling in love with the content and worth watching clips. He started by saying that he needs to make the upper section of his house livable for his wife. Pictures of models need to be removed from his walls as soon as possible!

Ever since Mooroo completed his studies, his mom wanted him to get married. She introduced her friends’ daughters to Mooroo very often. However, since he had chosen an artistic career, he decided to not to go for an arranged marriage. We all can guess why because our culture may not have allowed him to come up with the image of a perfect marriage material.

Being an artist, musician, and comedian, he works on projects all night and sleeps during the day, and his income fluctuates depending on the type of work he was doing.  However, this did not bother him. Being a man of dreams and aspirations, he did not particularly agree with the idea of arranged marriage and was not even ready to settle down.

Soon, he found the love of his life, Eruj – a self-sufficient artist. He says that she is a beautiful human being, and that’s all that matters.  He openly admits that this is a love marriage and the best decision of his life. No one around them evaluated Eruj and Mooroo. They had an understanding and decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

The couple tried to keep their wedding as minimalistic as possible. However, they realised that this was close to impossible. Hence they set out to gather clothes for their events. Not too fond of dancing, the couple decided to skip the cultural mehndi and have a sangeet instead.

Eruj and Mooroo worked on vlogs together. He continually asked her for advice. Mooroo paints Eruj as fierce and confident, with the pedestal fan blowing her hair like a Bollywood actress the first time he laid eyes on her.

Eruj corrects him and says that she was entirely in her element the first time they met at the site of Mooroo’s music video project. Eruj was dishevelled after working hard on the shoot all day. So the first time that Mooroo saw in her feminine looks, he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her. They sat next to each other to work on their project and Eruj instantly noticed that Mooroo was trying to hide how attracted he was to her.

Eruj describes how the first time she had to dress up for her Shadi events. Even though she had used makeup before, this was the first time she had used it so extensively, and she truthfully admits that once she got into the practice of dressing up, it was hard to practice self-love on a makeup-free face, accompanied by her natural, wavy, un-straightened hair.

They also described times when the couple had disagreements and had to sort them out together. There were times when both of them were busy with their work and found it hard to take out time for each other. Mooroo focuses on the not-so-fairytale-like aspect of relationships, but they worked out their differences and supported each other to the best of their capabilities.

Their friend Faiza Saleem and Mooroo had their Valima and Baraat on the same day, at the same venue. It looks like these two share a more profound bond than pure comedy.

Mooroo and Eruj both looked beautiful on their special day, followed by Punjabi customs for the perfect wedding. Mooroo further added that he has never been so sure about anyone in his life before and is excited to have Eruj by his side, even at 80 years of age, keeping him warm on cold nights.

The 24-minute vlog managed to make his followers laugh and bring tears to their eyes. We wish Mooroo and Eruj the very best in life!

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