The one thing that everybody does at a desi wedding is take pictures. And lots and lots of pictures! That’s why the photo booth is one trend that is hitting the shadi waves with much speed!  Plus, photo booths are fun!  People enjoy getting silly or wacky in front of the camera because the whole point is to have a good time and savour that memory.


While people are normally taking pictures in various poses and at various places, installing a couple of photo booth stands at a shadi will make the event more enjoyable. Although the shadi is about the bride and the groom, you will see the young people taking plenty of pictures while the elder guests either sit and talk and wait for the food to open.

For putting up photo booths at your shadi, you can officially ask the wedding photographer to install photo booth stands at various places. Since this is still a new trend, it could be a bit expensive. If the photographer is charging up extra for setting up a photo booth and for taking the pictures in the booth, then you can do this on your own as well.

DSLRs have become quite common so you can ask among those friends who own one if they could bring their DSLR to the wedding and take pictures of friends and family at the booth. Since taking pictures is something that almost everybody enjoys, every person at the shadi will probably want to get in the excitement.

Let the official wedding photographer take formal-looking photos while you, your friends or your cousins can take pictures that portray the fun side of this memorable event! Don’t forget to take the email addresses of everybody involved so that you can email them the pictures later or if they are added to your personal account on Facebook, then you can simply upload the pictures and tag them!

While the shadi environment does create a fun environment but working on something together like the photo booth will make this event unforgettable than ever! For props you can make frames of various sorts or make a chalkboard background and write various things on it like poetry, movie lines, quotations, funny sayings, etc. Another way is to simply cover the booth with a fabric that has a funky print or fairy lights and you can make cardboard hats, moustaches, lips, speech bubbles, etc.

The ideas are endless and implementing them at your shadi will make everyone have a blast! Use some of these tips and your shadi will be something that everyone would remember!


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