From photography to music, you want everything to be perfect on the big day. After all, this is your special day and you want to cherish it for the rest of your life. In Pakistani weddings, the stage is something that is nicely adorned and embellished. All eyes are fixed on the stage as the ‘Dulhan’ in her gorgeous Sharara and the ‘Dulha’ in his breathtaking Sherwani take the centre stage. From unusual props to sharp pink quirky designs, the stage does not need to be boring. Let us take a look at some amazing ideas for stage decoration of your desi wedding:

Flowers and Satin

If you want to go for a glamorous and stylish feel, go with flowers and satin. Flowers will give the set a romantic touch and satin will provide an elegant look. Intelligently combining both will give the stage a dreamy appearance – so beautiful as to seem unreal. Make sure you have an experienced wedding planner arrange this amazing setup.



Exciting Floral Combinations

We Pakistanis love flowers and all things floral. Any stage without floral decorations is incomplete. Combine delightful floral pastings with grass and light strings to give the stage a breath-taking appearance. Whether you opt for real flowers or a floral printed background, a floral stage decoration will not disappoint. Make sure you complement it with great lighting to have an unbelievable impact.



Royal Look

Nothing can be better than a stage that is set in the great ‘Mughlia’ style. Use gold lightings and create a classic stage backdrop with pillars and arches to create a royal appearance. After all, you are the king and queen that day. Enjoy the feeling of royalty and what’s more, the pictures will be great. However, make sure that you take the services of a professional wedding planner for creating this amazing wedding stage décor.



Dangling Ribbons

Dangling ribbons along with suspended lamps will give an air of delight to your stage. Add fresh flowers and ferns to make it look simply amazing. Make sure you take the best advantage of these dangling ribbons to create an incredible impact. This outstanding appearance of stage will have your guests taking pictures all night long!



Red and Gold

Another idea for decorating the stage for your wedding is to have this unique combination of red and gold. Red, being the colour of love, will add the romantic touch and gold will give the feel of prosperity to the wedding. The stunning combination will certainly serve as a great backdrop for the stage. Make sure you use the right shades and designs to have the maximum effect.


Bright Hangings and Colourful Drapes

The bright hangings and colourful drapes add an aura of radiance and joviality to the wedding. The dazzling colours combined with flashing lights give your wedding the perfect center stage. The scene will be picturesque. Add shiny crystals and printed designs to make it look even more amazing. Your wedding stage will give such a positive and energetic vibe that it will delight your guests.



White and Gold

The combination is traditional yet classy. It gives your stage an elegant vibe. Whether it is the flowers or the drapes, everything dressed in white and gold will give a truly glamorous feel. Make sure you make the best use of this combination. Go for professional help if you think that’s necessary.




Pearly White

For a mystical feel, go for pearly white. Whether it is the backdrop lighting or the sofa for the couple, everything in white will give the stage a sophisticated appearance. Also, make sure you dress accordingly so that everything synchronize in harmony. Probably, this is the wedding you have dreamed about your entire life.


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