Tambourines (dafli) are pretty musical instruments that were previously famous in the old days, where women and young girls used to create musical sounds with them on weddings and other festivities. Dafli went quite out of trend as it was considered an old tradition. Since old is always gold, we have created a new version of the same old dafli, which looks more beautiful but has the same musical sound effects. These daflis can be easily modernized at home by adding a pretty piece of lace, flowers, beads and pearls, sea shells or other decorative items to suit one’s choice. We can also paint the daflis in beautiful colors or keep them looking elegant and simple.

These tambourines help play mild musical sounds by simply shaking them or tapping them on the palm. Little girls enjoy shaking them while the guests enjoy the pleasant musical sounds. They are so beautiful to look at, that one can place them around simply as a decoration or use them as a prop in a performance.

These daflis can be used on many occasions such as on a dholki where a dafli playing competition can be held or at a mehndi during a dance performance as a prop or while welcoming the bride and the groom on the stage. The tambourines can also provide a soothing background music while different rasamein are being done on the stage. At the entry of barat, one can place little girls with tambourines in a line on either side of the altar so that they can welcome the barati with a bang of the dafli music. So add a charm to your upcoming mehndi, dholki or wedding with these beautiful yet elegant modern tambourines to make it more fun and memorable.



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