Cosmetics are on the top of the mind for every girl, but there are some concerns attached to the products. Either they are being made with halal content or not? This is the major query every girl has to go through especially in the wedding season when there is kind of “battle of beauty” going on!

Masarrat Misbah-a well-known name in the cosmetic industry of Pakistan has come with the idea to introduce halal products. Which turns out as wish come true for every girl!

So, these are the top cosmetics of Masarrat Misbah which will tempt you to add in the vanity box!

Make a Perfect Pout with Vibrant Lip Colors-

Enhance your beauty by applying some of the gorgeous lip colors form Massarat Misbah collection. These vivid colors are enough to make you stand out of the crowd!

You are all set to make a perfect put and take millions of selfies!

Silk Foundation for Picture Perfectionists- 

Give your skin a smooth, silk look by applying silk foundation. A single drop pf the foundation will go a long way! If you want to avoid the bumps on your skin then this foundation will work as a magic wand!

Give a Blush to Yourself-

In the long wedding days, you’ll always need a blush that go a long way! Stay on Blushers will give a smooth rosy look to uplift the natural beauty!

Make a “wing” with High End Eye-shades-

Go crazy or just play light with the amazing eye shades offered by Massart Misbah. The high fashion eye shade will give your eyes the stunning look. The smooth texture will make you fall in love with the shades.

Give Volume to your Lashes-

Lash Enhancer is for all those who are struggling with the thin lash. By applying it in the correct way it will give a natural enhance to your lash.You can play with the amount of Lash Enhancer you want to apply, you can go for a little bit or give your lashes areal curl.

Give your look an Edge with Highlighter-

To save your entire makeup, Massart Misbah is highlighter is here to save your life! Just apply a little bit of highlighter to add an extra glow to your look!

Ladies! What are your waiting for? Go grab your halal cosmetic now to add an extra punch to wedding!

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