“Why you are not getting married?”

“Why you are not getting married?”

As a single Pakistani woman in twenties, it’s common to be bombarded by marriage questions from aunties and other elders in the family. They probably think of it as a good conversation starter, but it can be extremely personal for most people. While most are excited to attend a wedding, single ladies have to be ready to face the dreadful interrogation from the elders. When girls are too tired to give them the same answer, the only thing they could do is smile awkwardly or shrug.

However, can we turn the table and let them be speechless by our answers this time? Absolutely yes! Next time when you’re being asked the same question again, feel free to use any of these savage comebacks to get back at them.

“Tomorrow. I’m getting married tomorrow.”

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 “I did. Were you there at my wedding?”

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 “I’m waiting for your cheque.”

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 “It’s on February 31st.”

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 “Relax. I’m too young to settle down.”

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 “I’m still waiting for The One.”

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 “When I finally learn how to cook biryani.”

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 “I was going to, but Prince Harry is taken, so…”

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 “My boyfriend wanted to, but then his wife found out…”

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 “I’m aiming for the title of CEO first, then wife.”

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 “I was. Until today.”

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 “I’m currently in a relationship with food.”

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 “I will, when people stop asking that.”

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 “Single is in.”

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Hopefully, the above answers are good enough to shut the ever talking mouths. Do let us know your experience girls!!

Inspiration: thetempest

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