Ever since the One dish Law was passed, all of us at Shadi Tayari were thinking about what could be THE dish which could make up for the loss of the elaborate feasts in Karachi weddings. We decided to hold a poll and guess who won with almost 95% of the voting majority? Biryani. Duh!

Biryani, the king of foods. But how do you incorporate biryani in your wedding menu without it being boring (not that biryani can ever be boring)? We are breaking down different types of biryani that will bring the chaar chaand to your Pakistani wedding. Biryani is sacred and biryani is special, so do not take it lightly and think well. #BiryaniForTheWin


Turns out there are many distinct types of biryanis. Maybe one of these could please your Pakistani taste buds.

1. Bombay Biryani


Bombay biryani is a classic South East Asian dish. It was introduced by the Muslim community in Bombay and it will remain immortal through times to come. It is one of the easiest biryanis to make, however, that does not mean it is any less tasty. It is a flavour bursting dish prepared from Indian spices, fried potatoes and chicken. So whether you choose to have chicken or mutton biryani, this will not leave your guests disappointed. It is universally loved and it deserves nothing less.

2. Sindhi Biryani


This is the one thing Sindhis are most proud of. And they should be. This Maha-Raja of Pakistani cuisine is the crowning glory of every meal it is a part of. It is made from traditional Sindhi spices and bursting with the aroma of green mint, chillies and coriander with all-spice. This is a special meat biryani but that does not mean that it cannot handle chicken. No no, this can even handle the most kharoos-est of saases. Hence, it is the most eaten dish in Pakistani cuisine. Sindhi biryani might as well be the national food of Pakistan and is proudly served by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in almost all of their international flights.


3. Mughlai Biryani


Here is a history lesson for you, kids. Biryani was reportedly a Persian dish but it leant more towards the pulao side there. It was then introduced by the Mughals in India and was developed into the biryani we know today. It is indeed the food fit for the kings. Mughlai biryani was traditionally made with meat (a favourite of Mughals) and was infused with saffron seasoning. The aroma of it is better than any Moschino perfume you will ever smell, at least that is what we think. Loaded with rich flavours and spices, you will truly feel like the king/queen of the day when this dish is served at your shaadi.

4. Memoni Biryani



A spicier variation of biryani, Memoni biryani was developed by the Memons of Gujarat-Sindh. It is made with lamb meat, yoghurt, fried onions, and potatoes, and fewer tomatoes compared to Sindhi biryani. Do not let the Lahoris tell you, ‘biryani mei aaloo kon dalta hai‘. Memoni biryani is rich and colourful but it does not rely on food colouring for that. In fact, it is one of the least food-colour-infused options. It owes its brightness to the generous amount of meewa, i.e the spices and vegetables, that are incorporated in it.

5. Hyderabadi Biryani



It is a mixture of Mughlai and Andhra biryani. There are basically two ways in which Hyderabadi biryani can be prepared:

Kachchi gosht ki biryani

The Kachchi biryani is prepared with meat marinated with spices overnight and then soaked in yoghurt before cooking. The meat is sandwiched between layers of fragrant long-grained basmati rice, and cooked on dum, after sealing the handi (vessel) with dough. This is a challenging process as it requires meticulous attention to time and temperature to avoid over or undercooking the meat.

Pakki biryani

In a Pakki biryani, the meat is marinated for a shorter time, and cooked before being layered with the rice and cooked in a dough-sealed vessel. In Pakki Aqni (with cooked gravy), the ingredients are cooked before baking.

7. Afghani Biryani



Afghani Biryani is more of a pulao rather than an actual biryani. It is prepared with nuts like cashew, aromatic raisins, carrots, meat and boiled eggs. It is not very common in Karachi which is why it is ideal for those who do not want a traditional menu at their wedding.

8. Fish Biryani


Fish and prawns, which are rich in protein can also be used in biryanis instead of chicken or meat. Even though it is gaining popularity now, it wasn’t the same case always. The great thing with adding fish biryani at your wedding instead of traditional chicken and meat is that it can be incorporated in any of the above-mentioned food styles without it being the ‘same old’.

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