Places to Travel for Your Honeymoon According to Your Budget

Places to Travel for Your Honeymoon According to Your Budget


Getting married anytime soon and seeking for a classic romantic honeymoon plan within your budget? Do you want to have a most luxurious honeymoon possible in your resources? You will not believe what we have come up with for you! Twelve global honeymoon destinations for all the budgets. We would be listing a fusion of different places that you can visit within your decided expenditure.

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Not to worry when Shadi Tayari is here, we have done some hard work for you! Get your budgets in mind, pick from the variety of abroad honeymoon destinations, each has to offer something unique. Go, spend the most awaited vacation of your life lavishly. Here’s a list of 12 honeymoon destinations ideal for an exotic experience with your better half.

High Budget Honeymoon Plans

You can visit these four places with your soulmate if you want a magical and deluxe Holiday.

1. Fiji Islands


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Swim with your love across the infinite pools and stay at the sumptuous royal villas. Have a relaxing sunbathe on the beach shores and experience a pampering couple spa. Get in some water sports and feast at the most beautiful romantic hotels at the islands.

2. Greece


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The blue hued and white washed destination honeymoon in Greece is the goals for every couple. It is the best place for a professional, “couple goals” photography. Greece invites newly wedded couples with utter happiness and excitement. Crystal waters, sun-bleached beaches, romantic resorts and attractive climate make it a perfect honeymoon spot. So, keep Greece on the list when looking for the ideal places for a honeymoon.

3. Seychelles


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Let the solitude of one of the most romantic places add an enchanting touch to your lovely times. Roam through the green rainforests with your wedlock partner, enjoy a memorable special stay at the posh resort villas on the islands.

4. Turkey


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Lively nightlife, various shopping centres, beautiful resorts, scenic harmonies, charismatic harbours and the excitement of spending this awaited holiday of your life. When in Turkey, you have to go to a hot air balloon journey. Moreover, indulge in a couple of spa across destination and dine in the caves.

Average Budget Honeymoon Plans

An average budget is not a bad plan at all. You can visit a lot of beautiful places around the world hassle-free.

1. Maldives


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Exhausted after the constant wedding ritual? Head for an exciting yet lazy honeymoon to the Maldives. Stay over at the comfortable villas and pamper yourselves.

2. Egypt


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The land of Pharaohs is full of mystery, adventure and romance. A country where you can live in the past while you enjoy a lavish honeymoon in the present.

3. Hong Kong


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Hong Kong is made up of various islands that are parted by only a few miles. Unlike other Asian cities, Hong Kong city is vigorous and lively in terms of cityscape and lifestyle. The town also offers various adventures for the honeymooners.

4. South Korea


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Known for unique cultural heritage, South Korea is amongst the less visited yet amazingly dreamy honeymoon destination in Asia. For couples who are fond of shopping, this place offers tremendous opportunities. Right from designer outlets, traditional handicraft shops to bargain malls, you’ll find it all in South Korea.

Low Budget Honeymoon Plans

Are you bored with low budget Pakistan tours and want something happening on your honeymoon? No worries, we have some places for you that won’t cost you much, and you can have an excellent experience with your partner.

1. Dubai


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The gemstone of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. It is the most preferred target for a honeymoon abroad for couples who are motivated by daring adventures: dune bashing, skyscrapers, skiing, shopping (which is expensive) and tons of entertainment option. Not just the city bling, Dubai has stuck on to its culture with dignity and pride. The Desert Safari is about belly dance performances, dune racing, Arabian cuisine, tea and a lot more.

2. Malaysia


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This country makes up for an ideal choice among all the cheap and fantastic honeymoon destinations. You should try night-time diving, island-hopping, water sports or jungle trekking with your beloved. Laze nearby the idyllic beaches and shop as much as you can. Couples can enjoy cable car rides to Gunung Mat Cincang.

3. Bali


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Bali, of course. Every couple nowadays wants to go to Bali to spend some time together. It is a magical place and soothes your mind. Visit the majestic temples and enjoy a lovey-dovey time on the pristine sandy beaches of Bali.

4. Prague


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Known for its baroque style architectures, gothic-themed churches, and ancient medieval aura. Prague will give you a feeling of the old world charm and grace. It would take you back in time and give you a different type of honeymoon experience!

So these were the most famous and beguiling places that we found for your honeymoon budget. Select your favourite destination, pack your luggage and get ready to enjoy your vacation with your soulmate. Go and make your dream come true!

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