When you hear about a new rishta on its way, you just can’t stop thinking about it. You keep on planning things in your mind about what to wear on that special day or what to serve to the rishtey waaley… You have endless discussions with your mom and your sisters and off course, your aunts and grandmothers also get involved in the discussions and in the planning. The air all around you gets filled with lots of excitement and you just can’t wait for the rishtey waaley to come at your place.
When we talk about the rishtey waaley and their arrival with the rishta, we always keep in mind about what to serve to the guests. And since these guests are very special, you would definitely want to serve something which is very special indeed. So how about arranging a grand feast for your guests when they come for the rishta…
To help you in the arrangments of rishta food trolley, we at Shadi Tayari have come up with some amazing ideas from which you can get a lot of help while planning what to serve on the special day. You can thank us later for the tips and tricks that we have for you!


When the guests will arrive, they might feel the need of cold water to quench their thirst or to soothe their nerves and also to calm them down. So instead of serving them plain water, try serving juice to the guests. The cool juice will help as much as the water would, except that it will leave an additional good impression on the rishtey waaley.
You can serve them some freshly squeezed juice of the fruits that are available in the market. You can also serve ready made juices as you won’t have to do much except for pouring it in the glass. Powder juices are also a good idea as they are easy and quick to make at home.
Avoid serving shakes as they are heavy in texture and they won’t quench the thirst.



In Pakistan, almost all of us love eating samosey. Since it is a famous snack for us Pakistanis, try serving them to your guests.
You can get a variety of samosey at any of the bakery or food shops nearby. The flavours that are most commonly eaten are aalu k samosey, qeemay k samosey, bar-b-q samosey, vegetable samosey. Meethay samosey are also loved being eaten by many people.
You can also search for bite-sized samosey, which will be very easy to eat since they are small enough to stuff in one’s mouth at once.



Small sized cakes or pastries can be served to your guests. You can also serve small cupcakes on a tray. If you don’t want to go through the expenses of serving fancy cakes, you can serve a plain cake by cutting it into neat slices and serving them on a beautiful platter.
Avoid serving creamy cakes as they are sometimes messy to eat.



Since you don’t want to overdo the food trolley, you can simply add mini eatables to the menu as they are very easy to eat and they look cute when added to the table. You can buy mini pizzas and mini burgers from any nearby bakery and serve them on a round platter. You can also add chicken and vegetable patties since many people like having them as a refreshment food.



Kebabs are something good to serve to the rishtey waley. You can serve a variety of kebabs starting from shaami kebabs and chapli kebabs. Gola kebabs and seekh kebabs can also be added to the list of serving items as they are a very good option to serve to the guests.
If you don’t want to make these kebabs at home, you can simply buy them from any bakery near your house.



Some people like serving nimko to their guests so you might as well add a variety of nimko to your food trolley. Nimko is a good option to serve as it is a good readymade snack which is available almost everywhere in Pakistan. You can add some chewra along with nimko. Serve these eatables in beautiful bowls to make them look like an elegant item on the platter.



If your guests are coming in the winter season, then don’t forget to add gajar ka halwa to the list of food items on your trolley. Gajar ka halwa is loved by almost all of the Pakistanis and it is easily available at bakeries and sweet shops all over Pakistan. You might want to add extra khoya and some extra nuts on top of it while garnishing it.



While serving the food, you would want to serve some liquid to the guests so that they can be at ease while having food. To quench their mid-eating thirst, try skipping the water and serve some cold drinks to the guests instead. You should serve a white fizzy drink as a majority of the people prefer white over black.



If you think that the rishtey waaley are coming to get the rishta pakka, then hey, what are you waiting for? Get some mithai to get the rasam over with. You should add small sizes of gulab jamun and chum chum. You can also add some plain barfi to the mithai box.
There is no need to add all sorts to mithai that is availaible at the shop. You should just add the ones that we all usually eat.



Lastly, serve tea along with some biscuits and cookies just before they are about to leave. You might serve tea with the biscuits that are easily available in the market or you can get some freshly baked cookies from the bakery. We suggest you add zeera biscuits or the ones that are less sweet since it is not advisable to serve really sweet biscuits to the guests along with tea.


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