If you are one of those brides who will be doing their own makeup at the wedding and wants to buy the tools and cosmetics for it, Shadi Tayari is here to help. The makeup shopping can be quite stressful especially when you do not have a lot of products to begin with. You will not know which product works well with your skin or how much budget you need. Makeup can be expensive, which is why you cannot get everything by Tom Ford since there are a lot of products involved in achieving a good look.

Moisturiser: Save!517490036

Moisturising your skin before applying makeup is one of the most important tips which is mostly ignored. It helps your foundation to glide over and blend in with your skin. It keeps your skin looking fresh. However, you do not have to spend tonnes of money for exclusively pre-makeup moisturisers. Your normal face cream will work fine.

Primer: Save!


Primer is a very important step to start your makeup. It increases the longevity of your base. However, you do not have to spend a lot of cash in buying high-end makeup primers. A popular YouTuber, Nikki Tutorials, found out that Nivea Men aftershave works as a perfect primer.

Foundation: Splurge.


If you do not have a good foundation on, you will notice oxidising, and a cakey and creasy feel to your base. This you NEED TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Avoid SPF because it will glare in the flash photography.

Eyeliners and Mascara: Save!


Many low-end companies like Maybelline have a good variety of eyeliners and mascaras. Just make sure they are smudge proof and waterproof. Otherwise, your wedding tears will drain the black pigment down your face.

Eyeshadows: Splurge.


Eyeshadow is an investment which will last you a long time. Which is why you should be open to better palette options with a plenty of colours and good quality.

Lipstick: Save!


There are plenty of local and cheaper options of a good lipstick. You can always reapply, right? Just choose a a good company, not something suspiciously cheap off the internet

Blush, Contour and Highlight: Splurge.


A good combination of these powders will last long throughout the event and not look patchy at the end of the day and not cause breakouts on your skin. That being said, there are still great cheaper options on the market, but you should do a good research on best drugstore products instead of relying on whatever your dukaan wala tells you.

Makeup Brushes: Save!

Multicolor crushed eyeshadow and brush

There are plenty of good quality brushes available in the market for low costs. Synthetic brushes work great! So no matter how many people rave about the unbelievably expensive set of Artis brushes which costs a whopping $500, you can work just fine without them.

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