Imagine a wedding couple sitting on a sofa like a robot and guests coming, congratulating the couple, eating and then waving goodbye? Sounds very boring huh? K! Well this is how purani shadiyan used to be!

But you don’t have to continue with the same robotic system. It has become way easier to bring some shor sharaba and tafreeh in the occasion.

As Smartphones have given a new perspective of taking photos, people tend to look for the perfect location or props that can enhance their looks and style.

A photo booth is a recent thing people are doing nowadays. It is the best way to keep your guests entertained and make funny and interesting photo shoots. Photo booth props can really spice up your photo and give you a wacky look!

So, if you are about to get married, don’t forget to have some exciting props on the show! Here are some of the funny yet incredible props that can help you with a better photo shoot 😉

1- Signage

If you are someone who loves expressing your feelings, then signage is the best option for you!! Create a signage with interesting lines such as “happily ever after”, “Mrs. Right”, or “best day of my life” etc.

You can also create blank signage so that other people can come and fill. Just hold the signage, smile, pose and get a perfect photo!


2- A hand cart

Now this is something that will really stand out among all. Add some desi tarka to your shadi and have a hand cart. The cart may carry flower baskets or… how about making it a pan thela?

Hats and Tiaras

Boys can wear stylish hats and girls can wear a tiara for a princess look!

hand cart

3- Frames

Hold glittery or colorful frames while having a photo. You can prepare frames for the couple as well as for the guests (in case there is a group photo!)


4- Glasses and moustaches

Fun has no limits! The crazier we get the more memorable moments we make! This time go completely insane by applying oh-so-great glasses and colorful moustaches: D


5- Backdrop props

With interesting backdrop props, the couple as well as the guests can have amazing photos! You can either choose the prop on your own or follow the décor trends.


6- Floral decoration

Flowers are a symbol of love and bonding. It is one of the best photobooth decorations for a mehndi and shadi.


7- Vintage bulbs

Add vintage bulbs to have the best and stunning night-time pictures.



8- Painted vehicle props

Have painted rikshaws, cycles or scooters in your function. You don’t have to buy a new one for this, just grab an old or an unused vehicle, paint it and there you go!



9- Mirror props

Who does not like posing in front of a mirror? This time, make the most of the mirrors by using them in your photo booth!

Make your once-in-a-lifetime function as memorable as you can. It is beyond doubt that your shadi would turn out to be an exciting occasion with those props.

Just gather your crazy friends and start making the simple yet incredible props for your function!



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